3 New Rodeo Employees In 10 Questions

Rodeo is growing and so is its team. Get to know more about our new Rodeos.

3 New Rodeo Employees In 10 Questions

  1. Name: Samuel Lee

  2. From: New York🇺🇸

  3. Job Title: VP of Sales, North America

  4. Would you like to work at / for / with: Rodeo / myself / family

  5. The workday always starts with: Running

  6. On the way (lately) listens to: NPR Podcast

  7. If allowed to take 1 item from the office for home, it would be: my laptop

  8. Latest book: Tools of Titans

  9. Latest podcast: The Tim Ferriss Show

  10. Last vacation: Paris


  1. Name: Masoumeh Jennatifar 

  2. From: Tehran, Iran🇮🇷

  3. Job Title: Full Stack Developer

  4. First job: Teacher Assistant in University 

  5. Goes to work with / on the: Tram

  6. On the way (lately) listens to: The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoyevsky and Shania Twain

  7. Latest series: Ozark

  8. Latest book: Gardner's Art Through the Ages by Helen Gardner

  9. Last vacation: A short trip to Beautiful Munich with my husband

  10. Last set objective: Learning Setar (Iranian musical instrument)

  1. Name: Emilio Gemerts

  2. From: The Netherlands, Almere🇳🇱

  3. Job Title: Content Marketing Intern

  4. First job: Stock clerk at Albert Heijn

  5. Goes to work with / on the: Bus/train

  6. The workday always starts with: Reading up on the latest marketing news

  7. Lunch ritual: Eating some good food so I can get back to work at full power!

  8. Lastest series: Fire Force(Recommended for anime fans!)

  9. Lastest book: Content: H2o voor je klanten

  10. Last vacation: My 2019 summertrip to Dubai + Bali

Do you want to join this amazing team?😁 Check our available jobs and maybe you’ll be featured in our next blog als our newest Rodeo!  ✨➡️

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