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4 New Employees In 10 Questions

Rodeo is growing so we hired some new Rodeos.

4 New Employees In 10 Questions

Pelinsu Yalçınsoy - UX/UI Designer

Pelinsu Yalçınsoy

  1. Name: Pelinsu Yalçınsoy.
  2. From: Istanbul, Turkey.
  3. Job at Rodeo: UX/UI Designer.
  4. First job: Userspots - UX Designer.
  5. On the way (lately) listens to: Altin Gün.
  6. Last vacation: to Dubai.
  7. Latest book: Philip K. Dick - Ubik.
  8. Latest series: RuPaul's Drag Race.
  9. Favorite place at the office: Big meeting table in the entrance.
  10. Latest podcast: New Stanford Product Management Webinar.

Dan Jackson - Full Stack Developer

Dan Jackson

  1. Name: Dan Jackson.
  2. Coming From: Liverpool, United Kingdom.
  3. Job at Rodeo: Full Stack Developer.
  4. First job: Cinema usher.
  5. On the way to work, listens to: 90’s Britrock.
  6. The workday always starts with: Black coffee.
  7. Favorite place in the office: The coffee machine.
  8. If allowed to take one item from the office, it would be: the coffee machine.
  9. Latest book: "Electronic Dreams: How 1980s Britain Learned to Love the Computer" by Tom Lean.
  10. Latest series: "The Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance”.

Vincent Voet - Full Stack Developer

Vincent Voet

  1. Name: Vincent Voet.
  2. From: Almere, the Netherlands.
  3. Job at Rodeo: Full Stack Developer.
  4. First job: At a snack bar in Almere Wilt.
  5. Work again at / for / with: For myself while I travel around the world in a van with my laptop.
  6. Think en route to work: Why I hate mornings so much.
  7. And then (lately) listens to: The Beatles, Beartooth, Stone Sour, Denzel Curry, Pouya, Jinjer
  8. Shout out to: My dogs :)
  9. Last objective: To get my average of the Rubiks cube under 20 seconds.
  10. Last vacation: A tour without destination through southern England with my girlfriend.

Patrick Linthorst - Product Owner

Patrick Linthorst

  1. Name: Patrick Linthorst.
  2. From: Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
  3. Job at Rodeo: Product Owner.
  4. Goes to work with / on the: Bicycle.
  5. Always start the working day with: Cappuccino from the third floor.
  6. Favorite place in the office: Bench in the canteen overlooking the Rokin.
  7. Last series: The Spy.
  8. Last document: Sunless Shadows.
  9. Last podcast: The Machine (from Atze de Vrieze from 3voor12).
  10. Last personal victory: Arriving at work semi-dry.

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