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The 12 Top Dutch Marketing & Advertising Agencies in 2021

Among the many marketing and advertising agencies located throughout the country, we have picked the 12 best ones for 2021. Hopefully, this will help you find the right services and expertise in marketing and advertising for you and your business.

The 12 Top Dutch Marketing & Advertising Agencies in 2021
Milena Alexova
Milena Alexova

The Netherlands is not one of the first countries that comes to mind when you think of marketing. But the truth is; their marketing culture is just as booming as the NYC scene. Home to some of the best business and economics universities in the world, the Netherlands continues to spawn top talent, finding its way to excellent creative agencies. Here are the 12 top picks for 2021, with varying areas of expertise.

#1 LVB

LVB is a full-service, full-specialist marketing-, content- and communication agency in Amersfoort. They are able to offer the ultimate all-round package because they have 8 different specialized teams that focus on a specific area of expertise. These divisions include social media, PR, design, campaigns, video, brand publishing, brand strategy, and a special campaign team for government projects. LVB’s mission is clear: to build brands and increase their revenue. They certainly deliver on this promise, as they have won multiple awards for their efforts and have big names in their client portfolio. Vodafone, WWF,, ABN AMRO, Post NL, and the NS. 

#2 HPB

Het PR Bureau, abbreviated to HPB, characterizes itself as a progressive creative agency for earned marketing and reputation. The Amsterdam-based agency believes that brands should earn people's attention instead of buying it, HPB helps brands create the stories their audience will want to share. Relevant, meaningful, and impactful, are the keywords here. Offering a wide range of services, the team possesses expert knowledge about strategy, social media, PR activation, advertising, marketing, data analytics, media direction, and influencer marketing. Moreover, you know you will be in good hands at HPB. Renowned brands such as W Hotels, Spotify, Barbie, Netflix, and Huawei are among their clients.

#3 Novicom Marketing Group

Novicom Marketing Group is a digital marketing agency founded by ex-Googlers in Tilburg. Their specialty is digital marketing; marketing insights, campaign management, data analytics, reporting, and more. Among their clients you can find the likes of Nike, Carl Cox, BALR, and Four Seasons, to name a few. Interestingly, Novicom Marketing Group is the world’s leader in event marketing, festival marketing, and music marketing. They bring creativity, technology, concepts, stories, and data together in a brand, campaign, advertising, or full marketing strategy. Are you in the Tilburg area and looking to advertise in the event space, then Novicom is the right marketing agency for you.

#4 dentsuACHTUNG

dentsuAchrung is a creative digital agency in Amsterdam with a high focus on reinventing creativity during exceptional times. They have four different specialty solutions - digital experiences, branding, campaigns, and content creation. When you look at their website, you will see some impressively creative projects that they worked on in the past. Their clients include Catawiki, Mars, Volkswagen, and more. Overall, if you are looking for a great creative agency for your future campaign, dentsuACHTUNG will know how to get things cooking.

#5 Dorst & Lesser

Dorst & Lesser is a full-service social media agency that helps brands connect with their desired audience through kick-ass creative content and unique advertising. The social team in Amsterdam consists of 35+ creatives, social media specialists, producers, content creators, and strategists. They also have an office in Brussels, Belgium. Brands turn to Dorst & Lesser to help them stand out from the crowd by doing things a little differently. Most notably including names such as Heineken, Alpro, Jägermeister, Renault, Schweppes, and Rituals.

The best marketing and advertising agencies of the Netherlands#6 Storyboard

Amsterdam-based agency Storyboard specializes in creating influencer marketing programs, as well as effective campaigns and entrepreneurial ventures with their clients. This starts with thorough consumer research, followed by the development of culturally relevant storytelling strategies that speak to Millennial and Gen-Z demographics. With clients such as McDonalds, SPA, Dyson, Starbucks, Coty, Asics, Rimmel, and Lipton, you know you are in good company.

#7 Upraw Media

Upraw Media is the go-to SaaS Growth Marketing agency in Amsterdam. Their specialized expertise is directed specifically towards the wants and needs of SaaS companies. Over 50 SaaS companies are mentioned on their website as proud examples among their client portfolio. Upraw Media’s services include SEO, SEA, paid social, research and analysis, copy, content, and conversion rate optimization. The ultimate starter pack for SaaS companies in terms of marketing if they wish to reach the next level. 

#8 SuperHeroes

SuperHeroes refers to itself as a post-advertising ad agency. They understand times have changed. To implement modern strategies, current issues such as ad blockers, thumb swipes, and subscription models must be taken into account. The mission of this Dutch-born, global ad agency is to save the world from boring advertising. They do an amazing job at this, with offices in Amsterdam, New York City and Singapore. Another obvious indicator is their envious client portfolio which includes Nike, Zalando, Coca-Cola, Netflix, Sixt, Heineken, and Timberland.

People with a great passion for their craft have started some of the best creative marketing agencies.

9. PRLab

PRLab is an outstanding marketing and advertising agency located in Amsterdam. As the name suggests, the agency’s primary focus is public relations. However, they are more than just a PR agency. PRLab incorporates an integrated marketing approach, offering clients a full spectrum of services. From branding to content and SEO to growth hacking, PRLab has it all. Furthermore, they have a lot of experience with startups and starters in multiple verticals. They are creative, know their markets well, and are known for top-notch quality in servicing their clients. Some of their biggest clients include bloomon, LeasePlan, Chargebee, Recruitee, and more.

10. Alion

Alion is a digital marketing and advertising agency in Delft offering digital branding, website & app development, content, and advertising services. Alion stands out with three key promises; interested, creative and technical, and decisive. As the last one might seem a bit brave, what Alion emphasizes is that they work in small teams, with short lines and clear language.

11. DPDK

Rotterdam-based DPDK is one of the longest-existing digital marketing agencies on this list so far. Their services have a whole section on consulting and strategy. However, as professionals with over 20 years of experience, DPDK also provides services such as content creation, campaign management, and advertisement creation for those looking to generate leads or educate customers. 

12. Blauwe Monsters

Blauwe Monsters is an all-around agency with expertise in every area located in Hoofddorp. They have specialists in many niches such as SEO, SEA, CRO, Content & Marketplace. As a strategic partner, Blauwe Monsters like to think along with you about which service best suits your objectives and ambitions.


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