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The 14 Top New York Marketing & Advertising Agencies in 2021

Take it from us, finding the top New York-based marketing and advertising agencies of 2021 is no small task. To make it easier, we thought to do some research for you and put together this list of the best 14 New York City-based agencies.

The 14 Top New York Marketing & Advertising Agencies in 2021
Steve Rickinson
Steve Rickinson

New York is one of those places with everything and everyone (with everyone seemingly doing everything!). Throw in the fact that it essentially built the modern advertising industry as we know it and you can imagine how vast this landscape truly is. The 14 New York City-based agencies on this list represent the quality and creativity on offer throughout the Big Apple, just like we showed you the creme de la creme of the Dutch marketing industry before. From innovative start-ups to midsize niche leaders, to multi-national corporations, no business is too big or small to find an agency in New York to serve their needs.

#1 Ogilvy

Topping this list, Ogilvy is easily one of the world’s oldest and biggest agencies. Founded in 1850 in London, the advertising, marketing and public relations agency now has branches all over the world with its headquarters in New York City since 1948. The leading agency rakes up industry awards every year, for their creative campaigns for well-known brands such as Dove, Coca-Cola, Vodafone, British Airways, Philips, Nescafé, Rolls Royce, and more. Currently the company has agencies in 82 countries, offering services in brand strategy, advertising, public relations, customer engagement, partnerships, and digital transformation.

#2 3Q Digital

Midtown Manhattan's 3Q Digital is an evolving company for an evolving media landscape. Boasting clients like Instagram and Eventbrite, 3Q Digital specializes in strategic campaign optimization through in-house design, analytics, and top technology partnerships. Providing infinite possibilities for infinite growth, 3Q Digital rallies around the in-house philosophy of “accept no limits”… and we’re here for it!

The 14 New York City-based agencies on this list represent the quality and creativity on offer throughout the Big Apple

#3 Barker

Barker's marketing and management consultation firm provides everything from brand identity to app development, digital advertising to package design. With a broad spectrum of clients from fashion, finance, hospitality, and more, brands of all sizes turn to Barker's data-driven approach and multi-award-winning leadership team. Since 2003, these brands include Sunsweet, Slimfast, Isotoner, and more, with extraordinary results.

PS: We hear they’ve got a pretty great office playlist too!

#4 Barrel

A strong portfolio of clients including Amazon, Peloton, KIND Snacks, Microsoft, NFL, and Parachute have turned to this specialized digital marketing agency. Barrel is a tight-knit team of New York City-based UX e-commerce specialists who privilege everything from strategy to content, and design to marketing in their approach. Whether you are a global brand or a philanthropic no-profit, Barrel has a solution for you.

#5 Day One Agency

Abercrombie & Fitch, Chipotle, H&M, Nike, and more top brands have turned to Day One Agency's team of creative communication experts. Focusing on long-term growth and short-term savings strategy, Day One Agency turns to everything the modern media landscape requires, making it one of New York's top marketing agencies.

#6 Deloitte Digital

With locations across the globe, this New York City-based digital consultancy behemoth combines creativity, strategy, and technology to identify brand value. The world's largest such firm, Deloitte does nothing less than transform clients' digital futures, with no ambition out of reach. Adobe, Intel. Chipotle and FOX have all counted on the Deloitte Digital touch over the years, with everything from start-ups to multinationals utilizing their services. 


New York is one of those places with everything and everyone (with everyone seemingly doing everything!).

#7 Flightpath

Founded in 1994 in New York's Flatiron District, FlightPath utilities all digital channels to deliver value-based business solutions. Targeting both consumer and b2b audiences, FlightPath uncovers tailor-made insights at the difference-making level. This approach has made strong impressions on The New Yorker, BMW, and the United States Golf Association, amongst other top brands. Oh, and this Webby and Vetty award-winning company also love pets with specific initiative targeting everything from pharmaceuticals to animal care. If that's not reason enough to follow them, we don't know what is!

#8 Huge Inc.

Based in New York's technology capital of DUMBO, Huge Inc. delivers leading brand experiences to clients like AMC Theaters, Hulu, and Nike. Huge Inc. specializes in the modern age's design, marketing, product, strategy, and technology services through an interdisciplinary approach to problem-solving. Since its 1999 launch, this Brooklyn AdTech company has grown to feature offices in 14 cities worldwide.

#9 McCann Group

Dating back to 1912, McCann Worldgroup has been operating at the apex of advertising for over a century. With a client list that includes everyone from Verizon to IKEA, Coca-Cola to Mastercard, many of the world's most iconic campaigns were born from McCann's strategic professionals. One of the top advertising agencies in New York, yet with 120 offices worldwide, McCann does nothing less than influence pop culture and the modern conversation with each campaign.

#10 SGK

A long-time staple in the advertising and marketing world, SGK's global headquarters is actually in London. But with offices in virtually every world market, it’s only natural that New York would be included (as is Amsterdam, Paris, Munich, and more). Since 1942, SKG has served clients like Amazon, American Express, and AstraZeneca through full-service solutions with a simplicity-focused approach. With SGK, their website says it all: "Been There. Done That. Made it Better…"

#11 Sky Advertising

Founded in 1989, Sky Advertising is a digital marketing and advertising agency based in New York, with additional offices in Philadelphia. Specializing in luxury real estate, healthcare, and recruitment industries, Sky Advertising has worked with the likes of Sotheby's and Forbes. Very much a boutique agency, Sky Advertising' deepens online presence through deep expertise and unique creative sparks.

Anyone who has visited New York City knows that it has no shortage of options.

#12 SmartSites

Located just across the East River in Paramus, New Jersey, SmartSites is a full-service digital agency celebrating ten years in 2021. Focused on web design, organic SEO, and PPC marketing, SmartSites 100-strong team of problem solvers has offered successful web solutions for big and small businesses. SmartSites is also a certified partner with tech behemoths like Google, Facebook, and Hubspot.

#13 Vivial

Specialized in the MarTech field, Vivial is a New York City-based Marketing Technology company seeking to simplify the complex for businesses of all sizes. Offering hand-picked account coordinators for a highly personalized approach, Vivial diagnoses your online needs and develops a compressive strategy around them. Though offering many services, Search Engine Optimization truly makes Vivial stand out from the packed crowd, earning accolades and certified tech partnerships aplenty along the way.

#14 Work & Co

A go-to technology partner for the world's most in-demand companies (think Google, Epic Games, IKEA, Apple, Mercedes-Benz, Etsy…the list goes on!), Work & Co helps brands grow. Their intensively collaborative approach and renown for effective, quick turnaround times have seen Work & Co boast an astounding 90% customer retention rate. With specific metrics for success at the core of their business approach, Work & Co's vast capabilities include everything from product strategy to DevOps architecture.


Anyone who has visited New York City knows that it has no shortage of options. Everything from the best pizza slice to the best neighborhood are hotly contested topics for locals and tourists alike. Of course, its professional world is no different. Being a traditional center for advertising, marketing, and promotional brand services, the landscape of the industry is vast. We hope this article on New York’s top marketing and advertising agencies of 2021 has made it all a bit easier.

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