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Switching Project Management Software

The life of a project manager is not easy. As pragmatic as most project managers are, they will find solutions to make their lives a little easier. You can streamline all the steps in the project, from drawing up the first budget to reporting the completed work. Chances are that you are now doing this with all kinds of apps or with Excel. The lack of overview with all those solutions is one of the reasons why most project managers have switched to other solutions. However, it doesn't always seem easy or attractive to switch. In this blog, we explain why switching is not so bad at all and how it can bring you a lot of benefits.

Switching Project Management Software

Project Management Software

Project management is a very versatile concept. That is why there are many ways to manage the administration for it. What works best depends on the processes of the organization.

Because all the facets are often supported by all kinds of different solutions and tools, it seems like a big job to switch tools or apps. Usually, this sentiment is based on the fear of change. That it is too much work to transfer all the data. Or that there is a good chance that data will be lost. Or that the way the data is organized does not correspond to the way the data is processed in the new program. It is important to ask yourself to what extent this is really a problem. It could also offer possibilities.

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A Fresh Start

How often do you want to clear everything off the table and make a fresh new start? Switching to different project management software is a great way to do that. You can then leave behind all the mess from years of twisted administration methods. With the lessons learned, you can redesign everything during the switch.

When switching to new project management software, we often get the response that people are afraid that all old data will be lost. We understand this fear, but it is also true that every data processing organization must keep all data available for its users. So the old data must remain available when switching to a different solution.

This may sound a little more reassuring, but in reality, it is often not really practical. You will receive a CSV file that takes a lifetime of work for processing before it is usable. That is why maintenance and/or license accounts have been created. Sometimes these are known as single-user accounts. It is not free, but then at least no data is lost. We know from experience that these solutions are often canceled within a year without actually being looked into.

Converting old data for new systems can seem like an impossible or very expensive step if you want to make it usable for the new software. It is also a matter of perspective. The way the current project management software interprets the data is eventually just another way to look at it. It can be very healthy and refreshing to implement new software in order to look at the data from a different point of view. This can lead to new insights by which the company can convert rusted and possibly toxic processes into something new and beautiful.

It is not so bad to leave old data with the software by which it was used and start from scratch with new software. The lessons that the organization has learned from the old data are not lost. Switching to new software can lead to all kinds of new lessons.

All-in-one Project Management Software

Are you still drawing up budgets in Excel? How often do you secretly panic when you see Project Budget version 9.2b absolutely def V3.7.a defdef.xlsx? How long have you been busy turning the entire Google Drive upside down to find that one cost overview that was once created by that one intern who is now discovering himself somewhere in South America? You desperately shout out something in an old email conversation or in an app group. You already know that you have to start over.

Why should everything be scattered around all kinds of folders and tools? Wouldn't it be ideal if you could format, edit, find and assess everything in one clear environment?

Besides the fact that you can now find all your project administration in one place, the information is also always accessible. Everywhere on earth, you just have to log in. The software is not dependent on complicated authentication methods. It is not necessary to be on a certain computer or location to get the information you need. The only thing to remember is your email address and password. Rodeo software has also been extensively tested against intrusion into your hypersensitive company information. It’s very safe.

Do you still work with Excel?

Excel, you either love it or hate it. After doing some research, we found out that the average project manager is more likely to dread it than happily dive into it. The great advantage of using Excel for project administration is that this method is very versatile. Everything can be adjusted or updated to your own liking. At least that seems to be the great advantage, because this usually results in a lack of consistency, which is detrimental for a good administration. So where Excel seems to be the ultimate solution with all possibilities and flexibility at first sight, it often turns out that Excel causes confusion. Everyone has their own ideas of the setup and Excel offers all these ideas the space to develop. Let this flexibility be exactly what stands in the way of good project administration.

In addition to everyone making a mess, Excel has another drawback. It takes a lot of time to set up If you even know where to start. To do a proper setup, you need a lot of basic knowledge if you want to show some striking reports. A lot of tools have developed a reporting function based on all data. The majority of our users are now answering company structural issues with greater certainty because well-founded answers emerge through reporting functions. Without costing extra work.

😤Aargh, no one keeps track of their hours!

Make it easy for yourself by making it easy for your team. If they only need to click once or twice to record their worked hours, they will do it. It is especially easy if they can keep track of everything in the fields. This way you minimize the excuse possibility. So save yourself some excuses and switch to hour registration software.

Involve stakeholders and make a set of requirements

Switching from project management software is not something to do on your own. Then you can be sure implementation will fail because there is no support. You start by identifying the bottlenecks and then you make a list of must-have and nice-to-have items. Also, it is smart to involve an advisor. For example the accountant. Moreover, you also put together a small team of relevant disciplines that provide input on the package of requirements. Only after establishing this, you go to Google or call a colleague. Ultimately, you should not include more than three promising solutions in your decision process. Most companies offer online demos or even a live presentation.

At Rodeo, you can choose both. Of course, involve the relevant stakeholders in these demos. It may sound crazy, but someone who is only going to write time can also add a lot of value to the decision-making process. Make sure you have questions prepared that relate to your set of requirements. Give points to any desired functionality and possibly also a weight. The solution with the most points/weight will come out as the "winner". Apart from ticking off boxes, make sure everyone stands behind the final decision. Only then you go on to implement. Switching software is not only possible in January, it can be done all year round.

You switch now

Switching sounds like a tough undertaking, but it is not that bad. Of course, it takes a little getting used to, but Rodeo offers free migration assistance that takes no more than two hours to implement. We also notice that a switch is an ideal moment to ensure a fresh start. It is a time when all the shortcomings of your old project administration systems come to an end.

Reasons to switch to new project management software can be varied. It may be that the current software no longer meets the needs of your (growing) organization. Or there is new software on the market that offers much more than the current one. Whatever the reason, at Rodeo we are happy to help you with a good transfer. Schedule a free video demo now.

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