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The Life Of A Project Manager Isn't Easy!

Imagine a world where you will never have to worry about your administration again. No more panic about deadlines. Everything real-time in one overview. This is possible. Through apps and tools, you can create clarity and gain insight into your work. And you, as a Project Manager, deserve all of that!

The Life Of A Project Manager Isn't Easy!

All day everybody wants a piece of you. You have to keep your head cool in the bustle of the day to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Especially in the field of project administration, this is basically impossible. And let's be honest, administration was not the reason you got into this work. But there is hope. There are all kinds of ways to relieve your workload and make your job clearer, calmer and better.

You don't have time for that!

Sifting out Excel files. Scrolling through PDFs. Digging through your mailbox. Swiping through your iCal. Searching through chat logs. You don't have time for that! Well, apparently you do because you spend a considerable part of the day doing it. What would it be like if you simply had all your project administration in one place? An overview of invoices, quotations, schedules, costs, tasks, contacts, and reports. Accessible from the beginning to the end of your workday with the push of a button. Modern project management is no longer possible without tooling.

Sleepless nights

You wake up soaked in sweat. What about that addition of the PO for that one customer with that weird project? You just want some peace and quiet. 9 out of 10 times everything is fine, but you just lost the overview. That's because you don't know what the status is. Not entirely illogical if your administration is all over the place. You want a dashboard that you can always fall back on if you just don't remember anymore. And then fall asleep again.

Why should you choose Project Management Software?

  • Overview

  • Peace of mind

  • Consistency

Project Management Software

There are many software solutions that tackle these problems. Chances are, you already use an administration tool. There are programs for writing hours, scanning receipts, making a schedule, keeping to-do lists, creating invoices, managing budgets, and so on. You could almost make a tool to manage all these tools.

How do you determine what works for your process?

Which Project Management features do you need?


Everywhere you read about data-driven decisions. That sounds great, of course, but that doesn't hold true for a pragmatic profession such as a project manager.

Well, you could be wrong about that. The more advanced Project Management tools have reporting functions. These lean on the data that goes through these apps. For example, calculating the time it takes for a task to finish. Or it can give suggestions based on information from schedules. Based on the tracked time you can see which freelancer performs optimally and which one is cutting corners. Now you can finally reinforce your gut feeling with facts.

Tips for tools

  • Docusign is an app in which you can get documents signed digitally. This allows you to approve quotes faster and more securely.

Easily Consistent

A good tool can be the basis of the workday for a Project Manager. It is the first thing that opens when you turn on your laptop. You start the day from your dashboard. Here you can see in one view where you have to take action. It is your speedometer and navigation at the same time.

On your dashboard, you have an overview of your hours, tasks, projects, and invoices. If you always start the day the same way, you will notice that your workflow is a lot more structured. This allows you to grow enormously in your consistency and therefore efficiency. That is not only good for your peace of mind, but your colleagues will also reap the benefits.

Consistency provides insight into the workload.

You can communicate more easily what you have done, but also make better estimates on how long something will take. This allows you to manage expectations even better, which again saves a lot of frustration.


Now that you have a clear insight into what you can expect from Project Management Tools, you may be able to get started with searching the right app for you. In this process, it is important that you ask yourself the right questions so your software seamlessly connects to your work.

  • In terms of administration, what is necessary for your business processes?
  • Which parts would you like to be more streamlined, clearer, and more consistent?
  • Which features ensure that you can do your job easier and better?
  • Which colleagues are involved in the processes and what do they expect from a tool?

Do you have this in mind? Then contact the apps that you think can help you further and submit your problems to them. After that, it's just a matter of checking if they offer the right solution.

Being a project manager isn’t easy. You have to deal with a lot of things, to make sure that the project doesn’t implode. To make your life as a project manager a little easier, you can try the Rodeo tool. With this project management tool, you are able to effectively manage various projects for your clients. Try Rodeo for free now!

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