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The New Norm: What's Next?

At the moment we are still in the midst of the Corona crisis and the current measures will stay put for a while. There has been no major crisis in our country since World War II. That, while the magnitude of this crisis is not even clear yet. So this may take a while. What could be the consequences for this? We try to outline some situations where we also indicate what the best way is to deal with it.

The New Norm: What's Next?

Short Term

The chances are that you are reading this from home rather than the office. We would like to point out how this situation is affecting us all. Communication problems? Lack of motivation? Decrease of productivity? What are the problems you are facing on the short term?

WFH Tips

  • Communicate face to face as much as possible. Zoom, Skype, and Google Meet are the way to go. 

  • Avoid long and complex messages via WhatsApp, Slack, or iMessage.

  • Pretend you're in the office. The more affinity with the office feeling, the more you will fall into your typical office habits and behavior. 

  • Dress “smart” in the morning and take a little stroll to make it feel like you are going to work. 

What do our studies show so far?

A recent survey by influencermarketinghub under 237 brands, highlighted that 65% of respondents noticed a decrease in revenue. 38% of respondents believe they may have to lay off workers due to coronavirus. But it is not all bad, at least 28% of respondents believe sales are going up! On another positive note, there has been increased interest in news, and this sector saw a 52% increase in ad spending since the start of the crisis.

impact of covid-19 on global ad spend

Source: PubMatic

A few tips to keep the cash flow going:

  • Come up with unique, creative ideas for your customers

  • Gain some extra insights into your own finances

  • Stop non-essential expenses

  • Make sustainable payment arrangements with suppliers and customers

  • Think of actions or expressions that customers already pay for, but that are published after the crisis. 

Long term effects

Within the user base of Rodeo (mostly creative companies), we see that there are different perspectives on going forward. Everyone has their own predictions about the long-term consequences of the coronavirus. If a project is cancelled for an event agency, this could mean the end of the organization. Especially when costs have been paid in advance. For an online marketing agency, this may lead to the intern cleaning out the kitchen cabinets.

It will come down to the strength of the business model, combined with the adaptability of the organization. This can be compared to the Theory of Evolution. Those who are not strong, must be smart. Being smart in this context doesn't necessarily mean coming up with a complicated solution, but using your common sense. This could be a small simple change.

Let's take Ford as an example. They recently pivoted their production towards manufacturing respirators and ventilators. Or Walgreens, which started drive-thru testing for first responders. So coming up with actions that relate to the core of your business can help people through these tough times while creating goodwill.

Long-term tips

  • Keep going!

  • Maintain conversation with your customers

  • Search for new opportunities

  • Share your knowledge- to ensure the long-term survival of your industry, with competitors helping one other

Opportunities and challenges

Because of remote working, many people have extra time available for work. They no longer have to undertake the daily commute to and from work. Furthermore, there is also a lot of downtime. The result of this is that people have more free time for leisure activities that are usually restricted by the length of their working day.

What opportunities can this crisis offer?

  • Renewing or developing your product

  • Optimizing and maintaining workflows

  • Developing new strategies (based on the “new normal”)

  • Keep building your customer relationships

What am I going to do with this extra time?

In the madness of the day, project administration is often forgotten within a sea of daily priorities. The madness from before the crisis is no longer present. However, we have no doubt it will return. So now is the time to make sure your project administration is in order. Not only that, you can even refresh your internal processes. This way you will be able to cope with the demands of the madness when it finally returns.

Collaborate online

Certain tools help us get through the “new normal”. Zoom in the morning when we start. Slack for the jokes we used to make at our desks. These apps have become even more vital than they were before. So this is the ideal time to also rethink how teamwork could be smoother. Because if you can do it with ease from home, it should be a total breeze in the office. Here, time is easily won!

Maybe it’s a great time to reconsider whether you really need such a large office in a premium location. 

Working from home has become part of the new normal

As indicated earlier, companies need to share knowledge. This situation is new for everyone, so be sure to share your experience and tips! If you have any insights, please email us. 

Conclusion in times of crisis

Nobody wanted or asked for this. There have been profound impacts, and the world will not be the same again. Still, it's important to focus on possibilities for the future. This may contain the solution. Adaptive entrepreneurship and proactive work.

Now is a time when everything must be reconsidered. This is not always fun, but can work to your advantage for sure. Be alert, respond where necessary, and above all; stay safe!

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