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How Eydenberg Optimizes Invoicing Process With Rodeo

Eydenberg: Creators of iconic brand experiences and spaces

Creators of iconic brand experiences and spaces. We help brands show off their best side. We offer a full-service including designs, productions and installations. At Eydenberg, we can create an incredible display, window, launch zone, shop-in-shop, pop-up store, complete store, furniture or anything else you have in mind in no-time. Just name it, we make it!

Bart Op ’t Hof - Project manager

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Tell us about yourself and your organization.

The first time I came in contact with Eydenberg is now 6 years ago. First from another retail organization, we worked together on great projects and noticed that the collaboration went with a lot of passion and drive. That “drive” that I was always looking for in my work. Eventually I ended up at Eydenberg for a search in the retail landscape where I couldn't find the right company for me, of course we knew each other as (customer). But now I'm on the other side of the table. Something that pleases me enormously. I can express my passion and drive 100% at Eydenberg. We work for a very broad customer base. And that makes it extremely challenging.

What was the problem/opportunity that led your company to look into our solution?

Where we previously worked with the 'established order' such as the project tool from exact online, etc., we needed much more creative freedom. We design, arrange and make something different every time, almost never anything standard. The flexible way in which you can, for example, create purchase orders without immediately affecting your financial administration is very important to us.

How have we met this need / opportunity?

Thinking along with us in the interior design was very valuable. You have been willing to really go in depth with us and even make some adjustments. All this without skyrocketing implementation bills.

How did you discover Rodeo? Describe the selection process.

Via Pieter Vos, our advisor. He first claimed that rodeo was not for a company like us. In the beginning things were also difficult but all developments have made rodeo more and more suitable for who we are and what we need.

How do you use our product in your workflow today? What feature do you use the most?

Eydenberg's workflow is the basis for retail. In today's retail landscape, we continuously switch. No two days are the same and no two applications are the same. I make an average of 3 to 5 quotations during the day in Rodeo, sometimes there are days in between that you create 15 quotations / budgets.

What are the benefits achieved?

The biggest advantage is that it is designed in such a way that we can easily draw up budgets in a beautiful and user-friendly environment, the portal is easy to understand quickly. And to switch quickly. All this gives you an overview of the diversity of projects and customers. Sometimes you have 40 projects running. You can easily see these budgets in Rodeo.

What are your future plans for using Rodeo within your team(s)?

Rodeo is developing at a rapid pace, just like us, so we have high hopes that Rodeo will be the right software for us for a long time to come!


“Rodeo is the first project management platform that works for us. And that says a lot!”
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