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VIE People Drives Efficiency With Rodeo

Vie People: the HR road for Scaling Up.

At VIE People, we believe it's crucial that your employees become familiar and comfortable with 'the HR person', leading to openness and honesty in their feedback. Your VIE expert is backed up by VIE's entire team, each with their own focus domain, together covering the entire employee journey.

Andre Lamper - Head of Sales

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Tell me about yourself and your organization.

If you are the CEO of a rapidly growing scale up and you want to make sure you are doing the right thing, to bring the right people on board and create a high performing culture, VIE People is your partner! 

We support scale ups in building a winning People strategy. We created a model based on 4 phases of growth, delivering “adaptive HR”, the right products and support at the right time. We are a team of experienced HR / People experts. By incorporating the latest scientific insights on human behaviour and HR technology. We are always ahead of the game!

We have supported over a 100 scale ups already! Our BHAG is to support 500 scale ups in the year 2030!

Our HR / People experts work in a wide range of small to mid sized companies. Together with the entrepreneur we build an effective and motivating people culture in such a way that the organisation is ready for further scaling.  We either take on the HR position in a company and make sure all employees enjoy an excellent employee experience or we work on a consultancy basis, delivering and implementing HR tools and products.

What was the problem/opportunity that led your company to look into our solution, Rodeo?

While working with a team over more than 30 HR experts working for a variety of clients, we needed a good tracking system. How many hours we are spending on our projects. In the early days a simple Excel sheet would do, but when growing bigger, we started looking for a tech tool to automate this process.

How did we meet this need/opportunity?

Rodeo helped us to automate our process of keeping track of the hours worked on projects. It made our process for preparing and sending invoices much easier and way more efficient. 

How did you discover Rodeo? Describe the selection process. 

VIE People is always on the look out for tech tools that can simplify and automate parts of our work. When looking into the different options for a time tracking - and invoicing tool, we reviewed a lot of tools that looked very bureaucratic and not easy to use. Rodeo seemed to be much more tailor made for scaling companies at the size of VIE People, so after a demo we decided to give it a go for a trial period and still using it today!

How do you use our product in your workflow today? What feature do you use the most?

All employees within VIE use Rodeo for time tracking. Our “Celheads”, as we call our leadership teams in the Amsterdam and Rotterdam office, use Rodeo for invoicing, generating reports and data analytics.

What are the benefits you achieved?

We have a better -real time - overview on how many hours we are spending on our projects. It is an easy tool to use for our team to keep track of their hours. Especially the combination with the app on the phone, so on the way from one client to the next we can easily update the hours worked. 

Invoicing directly from Rodeo has saved us a lot of time as well.

What are your future plans for using Rodeo within your team(s)?

We continue to use it as we do. We are planning to grow and - next to Amsterdam and Rotterdam - open more offices with their own environments in the system. 


“Rodeo is the first project management platform that works for us. And that says a lot!”
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