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All our features have been thoroughly tested on the most demanding customers. Do the test yourself!

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Perfect overview & powerful tools

With Rodeo you now have the facts and figures ready whenever you need them. Fast and reliable insight in the status of all your projects. Even better, you now have the tools to translate these data into concrete actions.

Right on time, it appears! The Preferred Client just walked in and they want a new campaign for that ‘disruptive’ thing they do. This time they want ‘edgy’. This time they mean it. ‘Oh, and make it viral, will you? Thanx.’

Time to get to work!

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Accurate budgeting

Budgeting is almost too easy with Rodeo.
List the activities, enter the estimated hours and costs and voilà, there’s your budget, ready to go.
This project looks like it might be a hard nut to crack so in a few simple steps you divide it into phases.

During the execution phase, smart indicators will give you advanced warning when set limits are about to be crossed. The account manager’s natural reflex to demand a lower, more client-friendly budget drowns in a sea of transparency.
This is what edgy costs these days. It’s right there, see?

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Budget to estimate in a jiffy

It takes one click to copy your approved budget to your estimate, ready to be sent with selected documents, specified in phases and formatted in your agency’s corporate layout.

Inevitably, the client’s CEO volunteers himself for copywriting duties to lower the costs. With a few clicks in Rodeo you break down for him how hiring a copy editor to touch up his copy would impact the overall price. Being the good sport that he is, he takes the hint. ‘Leave it to the professionals, I always say!’

Your estimate is approved. Hurray!

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Planning: clear-cut and feasible

In a matter of minutes you have exported the budgeted activities into a feasible and clear-cut planning, including tasks. While you glance over it, it suddenly hits you… You yourself are already a couple of hours ahead of your own planning. The planning you made in Rodeo hasn’t taken into account the time you save using… Rodeo!


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Fast and easy time management & reporting

Your co-workers finish task after task and report their hours on their desktop computer or mobile to their timecards. It is so easy, even the copywriter has run out of excuses.

You are miles ahead of schedule and start to wonder what still could possibly go wrong. As if on cue, the client calls. They are having second thoughts about ‘that whole edgy business’. Can’t they have something with a customer journey instead?

Production halts. Strong words are spoken. Top level diplomacy ensues. Compromises are made. Peace returns. The project is back on track.

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Maximum cost control

Instant overview, instant control… You are the master of project Edgy’s budget. Assigning and checking expenses or purchase orders has become easy, full proof and fool proof. Humming something upbeat, you scan your desk.

What would be a good spot to put that First Project Completed Under Budget trophy?

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Instant reporting on all KPI’s

The campaign is ready to go live. The client is thrilled! All this time, Rodeo has been updating you and the higher-ups with accurate, on-the-fly reports. On this and other projects currently in progress. On productivity, progress, planning and loads more.

All ready to print at will. All telling you the same thing: You rock.

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Invoicing to your heart’s content

The best for last. Invoicing! Rodeo ties in with your administrative software. In a few steps the invoice is ready, marked up in your agency’s branding. Send it as a UBL. And as a PDF. And as a hard copy. Just because you can.

There’s hardly time to congratulate yourself. A new prospect is on the phone. They have decided they are ready to try something edgy and they heard you guys are the people to see. ‘You also do viral customer journeys with influencers and what have you, right?’

You quietly bless the day you decided to try Rodeo and get to work.

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