Accurate on-the-fly reporting
One less thing on your plate

After months of hard work, your agency just went live with that big campaign. With Rodeo, you’re getting automatically updated with easy-to-read reports showing productivity, progress, and planning of this project and all other current projects.

  • On-the-fly reporting
  • Difference between thinking you know and knowing
  • Employee productivity reports

Rodeo was created with the struggles of the creative workspace in mind. Try it now for free.

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Accurate on-the-fly reporting, one less thing on your plate

How Rodeo gives Managing Directors easier ways to manage the madness:

Getting accurate, on-the-fly reports regarding productivity, progress and planning to all your projects is just one way Rodeo gives you more time to do the creative work you love.

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Friendly design for easy reporting

Friendly design for easy reporting

Reporting simplified

Rodeo’s friendly layout makes reporting easy and gives you what you need without the clutter. Review easy-to-read profitability reports with Rodeo’s intuitive deisgn, showing you what’s important and helping you manage the madness.

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