Estimates & Costs

With one click, your approved budget becomes your quote, ready to be sent. The quote is complete with pre-selected documentation, divided into phases and formatted with your own logo. Last minute minor changes? No problem. In Rodeo you can easily adjust everything. Your offer is approved? Whoop-Whoop!

Estimates & Costs


When the project budget is ready and approved by finance, you can easily email it to your client with your own letterhead directly from Rodeo. You can also add the budget to your creative proposal as an attachment. You can then adjust quotes at your own discretion until you and your customer are satisfied. Once you approve the quotation, the project can start.

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Costs & expenses

Purchase invoices can be entered directly into your project budget, so that in addition to your time registration, your purchase is immediately visible in your project progress. If your invoice is higher than budgeted, you can easily invoice the extra costs to your client. In addition, you can also link a purchase order to an outstanding purchase order. This way you know which invoices you’ll receive and what agreements have been made.


Accounting software

Do you work with Quickbooks? You can easily integrate with Rodeo. After the integration, all purchase orders and sales invoices are directly passed on to your inbox, including UBL data, so the bookkeeper is also always up-to-date.


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