This is what all the work is for: invoicing! Rodeo integrates seamlessly with your accounting software. The invoice is ready and made with your logo in a few simple steps. Send it as UBL, PDF and hard copy. Just because you can.

Invoices Invoicing Actuals

Invoicing actuals

In addition to a fixed project budget, you can also invoice actuals. You can collect all written hours within a specific period and put them on the invoice, so that every hour worked is paid properly. This is especially useful if you work on the basis of a retainer or if you need to invoice extra hours on a project.

Recurring invoices

With Rodeo you can also send invoices to your customers at set times. For example if you have recurring price agreements with regard to the projects you run. Choose a period, a date and the number of invoices to be sent and Rodeo will prepare the invoice for you every period or automatically send it for you.

Invoices Recurring Invoices

Accounting Software

Do you work with Quickbooks? Once this is integrated with Rodeo all purchase orders and invoices are directly passed on to your inbox, including UBL data, this way the bookkeeper is always also up-to-date.

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