Projects & Budget

Projects and the associated budgets are the beating heart of every creative agency, and of course, the same can be said for Rodeo. All features of Rodeo start with the project's budget.

Projects & Budget
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Within Rodeo, every new project starts with a budget. We have made this as simple as possible for you as a creative project manager. Create a phase, add an activity and determine the number of hours, the hourly rate and/or the expenses. Is the budget ready to fly? Turn it into an estimate and eventually an invoice.


Each project can easily be divided into different phases based on your own insight. For example, you can set apart the concept phase from the execution phase and book activities, costs and hours at the right phase. This way, you can create a clear overview for yourself and your creative team.

Project Budget Phases Final
Project Budget Overview Final


On different tabs you will find exactly the information you need to assess the status of a project at a glance. Here you can view your personal task list, but also the created, sent and approved quotes and invoices. This way you can immediately see how many hours and costs have already been incurred for the project in question. This way you can see immediately whether everything is still within budget and where any action points are.

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