Productivity, progress, planning. Rodeo on-the-fly reporting proves just how much your team rocks.

Report Productivity Final

Productivity Report

If you want better insight into the productivity of your team, you can do so with the productivity report. As your team writes its hours and the hours are scheduled, Rodeo keeps track of how productive they are in a given period based on their availability. This data is made transparent within Rodeo, but can also be downloaded as an Excel file. Very handy for the next progress meeting.

Work in progress report

Which projects are still running? What is the current margin? Can we still invoice? What costs can we expect? At creative agencies, insightful work in progress reporting is a must. You can also export these reports to Excel to make them even more insightful.

Report Productivity Final
Reports Closed

Closed projects report

When viewing closed projects you can find the financial performance of previous projects. You can see how the projects have performed on the basis of written hours compared to budgeted hours. You can also see which margins you have achieved. These reports can also be made available quickly for other colleagues within your organization. This way, everyone has insight as to how you’re doing at all times.


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