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Time tracking that works

Rodeo Drive's time tracking feature syncs with your project’s budget so you can better plan activities and timelines.

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Designed to work where you work

Start your live timer when you begin a task and stop it once the task is completed. Forgot to log time? Rodeo Drive makes it easy to create time cards or edit existing ones.

Spend your time right

Uncover how much time is spent on each activity and spot trends so you can better forecast future projects.

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Project name, phase, and assigned employees

Clear-cut insights

Compare your billable and non-billable hours based on team members, projects, time period, clients, and tags for a better understanding of where you can improve your projects’ profitability and team performance.

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“Rodeo completely changed the way we track our hours and send invoices. It’s so much easier than anything else!”

John van de Jong
Project Lead, BORISH

“For us Rodeo is a very easy-to-use tool to create overview in our administration. The interface looks great and is accessible.”

Tamara Sofranov
Strategy Director, Van De Jong

Frequently asked questions

If I forget to track my time, what do I do?

We got your back! Rodeo Drive's time tracking feature allows you to track time as far back as you need. 

Is it possible to export the hours tracked?

Yes! You can easily export your team's time registration data in Rodeo Drive. 

If I don’t use the time tracking feature, will it affect my reports?

You will still get accurate reports regarding invoicing and expenses, but you will be missing out on the visibility that reports provide regarding the actual time needed to see a project through to completion.

Do I have to fill out a time card after completing each task?

Yes. Once the task is completed, Rodeo Drive then prompts you to fill out a time card associated with that task.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed? We're here to help!

Feeling a bit overwhelmed? We're here to help!

Rodeo Drive helps you manage all stages of projects, from financial administration to tasks, all in one place. Schedule a call to speak with one of our experts or try for free today.

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