Give Success An Engine
With Project Management Software

Success doesn’t just happen spontaneously.

Having structure gives it an engine, it is born from:

  • Efficient planning: Phase planning, skills & task setting, managing deadlines and budgets 

  • Clear organization: Time tracking, estimates, invoicing

  • Getting your whole team on the same page: collaboration

  • Business insights: learn from wins and mistakes.

Rodeo Project Management Software gives you a framework for success that makes the work flow.

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Rodeo is the obvious choice in ‘project management software’ for project-driven companies.

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“Success is born from efficient planning, clear organization and getting your whole team on the same page”
Pieter Vos | Founder & CEO of Rodeo
Pieter Vos
Founder & CEO of Rodeo

What is project management software?

Project management software is all about providing the setup for a team to get into the workflow. To let all everybody involved perform to the best of their abilities so that goals can be met.

What can project management software do for your organization?

  • Optimize coordination of team efforts and achieve ultimate efficiency

  • Improve cooperation between team members

  • Structure collaboration and automate workflows

This is what Project Management looks like with Rodeo!

Rodeo is the obvious choice in ‘project management software’ for project-driven companies.

So you’d like to know what you’re doing?

An easy to use, clean and agile project management app created for people who work in projects. Visual, intuitive, and forgiving. For people who do not like admin, but understand it’s important.



Move projects forward with a budget that works. Rodeo makes it easy to create fast, accurate budgets that get approved the first time. Divide projects into phases or book activities separately. Rodeo gives you the flexibility to organize the project your way. Check the status of invoices, track hours, review quotes. Rodeo shows the whole project at a glance.


Convert budgets into client-ready estimates with a single click. With Rodeo, work gets streamlined, tasks get automated, and things go by themselves. With one click, your approved budget becomes your quote, ready to be sent. The quote is complete with pre-selected documentation, divided into phases and formatted with your own branding. Manage project expenses the clever way More transparency means nothing gets lost in the details. Rodeo lets you enter purchase invoices directly into your project budget, so every cent gets accounted for. We love Quickbooks too Rodeo Quickbooks integration means all purchase orders and sales invoices get sent to your inbox, including UBL data, so the bookkeeper is always up-to-date.

Estimates US
Planning & Tasks US


Structure leads to success Convert your budget into a plan Rodeo makes it easy to instantly convert your budgeted activities into an extensive planning. Find the right person for the job Manage your team's workload effectively. Rodeo shows you who’s available and what skill sets they offer, ensuring the planning is right the first time.

Time Tracking

Timesheets so easy, people will actually use them. Track time down to the second Start the timer when you begin on a task, pause when it's time for a coffee and stop it when you're done. Bring your team to the table Take the guess work out of planning. Rodeo shows you who's available and what skills they bring to the table. Rodeo on the move Rodeo lets you seamlessly switch between desktop and mobile. Update your hours from behind your desk or when you’re already at happy hour. It's all good.

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Invoicing size 1


Automated and efficient, Rodeo integrates with your administrative software to create invoices with your company lay-out and all. Send it as a UBL, a PDF, or print it out the old school way. Convert hours into invoices Recurring invoices keeps the cash flowing Rodeo lets you automate your invoices, so you can focus on your work. We love Quickbooks


Productivity, progress, planning. Rodeo on-the-fly reporting proves just how much your team rocks. Your performance at a glance Rodeo productivity reports break down the data in easy-to-read summaries which can also be downloaded as an Excel file. Work in progress report Rodeo gives you quick answers to the big questions. Which projects are still running? What is the current margin? Can we still invoice? What costs can we expect?

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All the tools you need, all in one place.

You asked, and we delivered. We've packed Rodeo with everything you need to get the job done.


Create phases or sections within your projects.

Real time KPI's
Real time KPI's

Relevant and realtime KPI's on all your projects.

Activity timer
Activity timer

Digital timer for precise time management.

Task Management
Task Management

Task management synced with activities and budget.

Quickbooks integration
Quickbooks integration

Syncs with your favorite accountancy software like Quickbooks

Custom template
Custom template

Send documents on your own stationary.

Recurring invoices
Recurring invoices

Plan recurring invoices and send them automatically.

User roles
User roles

Set your own user roles & permissions.

Rodeo is the clean and intuitive project management platform for the creative industry.

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Rodeo is the clean and intuitive project management platform for the creative industry.

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