On-the-fly reporting
Proof that your team rocks

The campaign you’ve been working on for the last 3 months is finally live! The client is pumped, the creatives are excited, and you’re feeling extra confident because with Rodeo you’re getting on-the-fly reporting that proves just how much your team rocks.

  • Up to the minute progress reports
  • Profitability report on closed projects

Rodeo was created with the struggles of the creative workspace in mind. Try it now for free.

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On-the-fly reporting, proof that your team rocks

How Rodeo gives Project Managers easier ways to manage the madness:

Getting accurate, on-the-fly reports regarding productivity, progress and planning to all your projects is just one way Rodeo gives you more time to do the creative work you love.

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Intuitive design for easy reporting

Intuitive design for easy reporting

Reporting made easy

On-the-fly reporting is easy with Rodeo’s intuitive layout that shows you exactly what you need without the clutter. Get easy-to-read profitability reports with Rodeo’s friendly design, showing you what’s important and helping you manage the madness.

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