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5 Strategies To Improve Working From Home

Working from home (WFH) has become the "New Normal" for large parts of the workforce. For many the benefits are clear. The farewell to the daily commute, the frequent interruptions from your most talkative work colleague. Most of all, the flexibility of how you structure your day.

5 Strategies To Improve Working From Home

Yet, we see that this freedom has its drawbacks, Bloomberg reported in a recent article that the average working day has got a sizable 48 minutes longer since the pandemic began. The distractions of home, from that YouTube video (no one will be peering over your desk anytime soon!) to your realisation that those plates from last night still need washing up. 

Likewise, those quick tech questions to your tech-savvy colleague now take that bit longer.  Well, you can’t do the task at hand, so why not watch that “funny” monkey video that your buddy sent.

So how can you improve WFH, here at Rodeo we have come up with five strategies:

1. Creating A “Fake” Commute

We know that you don’t want to do that forty-minute train journey anymore, but it’s healthy to create some separation between your personal and professional life. Take a walk around the block and get some fresh air in your lungs. It provides a good dose of exercise and let's your work flow for the rest of the day.

 “A state of heightened focus and immersion in activities such as art, play and work”

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, the famous Hungarian-American psychologist

2. Creating A Clean Work Environment

We all know the importance of a clean work environment is required to make your working day less distracting. 

To improve working from home, it is always a good start to ensure your workspace is clean and structured.  You don’t want to see a pile of plates in the corner of your eye or start reading that magazine sitting on the desk!

3. Planning Out Your Day The Night Before

This one is as true for the office as it is when working from home. Nevertheless, working from home comes with extra challenges, for example, lunch. Always good to save some leftovers or make a sandwich the night before, instead of spending twenty minutes over the stove.

Likewise, when working from home, when you really need to speak to a colleague in relation to some work for a client it is not as easy as in the office. In this case, setting up a time to check in with them the night before, saves the hassle of trying to get hold of them in the morning.

In general, planning out your daily tasks the night before comes with a number of benefits:

  • Saving willpower on planning out your day. 

  • Reducing time between tasks

  • Minimizing communication issues

4. Catch Up With Colleagues Socially  

In a business, you are obviously there to work, but to work at your best you need to be a functioning team. 

Yet, after many months of working from home, those small interactions in the office or heading out together at the end of the day, have become a distant memory. A good way of bringing everyone together could be a pub quiz, for example. 

Interacting with the team socially, makes it easier to relate with one another and gives a much needed boost to team morale.  A happy team is a productive team!

5. Software Solutions

As video meetings have become an essential part of our working lives, software solutions will allow the needs of a remote workforce to be met. Whether that is between team members or when undertaking client-facing activities.

At Rodeo, we hear that with more and more companies accepting the fact that the “New Normal” is here to stay and it's time to invest. You can read more about why now is the best time to optimize your processes here.

Let’s Make The Best Of Our Situation!

With no end in sight to the WFH arrangement, it is time for both individuals and companies to improve the situation. Some strategies are free and easy to implement, whilst others involve real investment. As the months go by, at Rodeo, we hear more and more companies willing to invest in software solutions to make their work flow for the future. 

We find at Rodeo, that many companies are attracted to us by the concept of a joint-up project management solution, which allows them to have one point of truth when the team is working from home. From accurate time-tracking to easier invoicing, they are finding they are saving both money and time.

Companies are increasingly realising that they can’t wait till a vaccine is found or even expect a return to the “old normal”. They have discovered that they will need to adapt, to not just survive but prosper. The one who evolves, will discover new opportunities and have a chance to expand the horizons of their business.

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