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Meet Team Rodeo: Sander

In this Rodeo interview, we meet Sander from Support, who describes to us what a day in providing support looks like, as well as getting to know him a little better!

Meet Team Rodeo: Sander

Meet Team Rodeo: Sander (Support & Sales Netherlands)

Sander (Support & Sales Netherlands)


Sander joined the Rodeo Team in Autumn 2019, and in the past year has worked to ensure that Rodeo clients receive high-quality customer care.


Discuss daily responsibilities when it comes to support: 

So with support at Rodeo, our clients have the ability to chat with us, and respond to them. I do that along with my colleague Steff. When they don’t know how to do something, whether that is with support, onboarding and papers we help.

What do you do when a client faces a challenge you can’t solve straightaway?

This happens sometimes with larger clients, and I will often discuss with a team member on our tech team. I have the ability to sit down with one of our tech experts to discuss further and find a solution.

What is the most important skill when it comes to delivering high-quality customer support?

It is important to listen to the client and be patient with them, and really understand what they want/ need. Make sure you are clear to understand, that is really important, and means you need to have a high level understanding of the advice you are giving out.

What is the nicest feedback you have received?

I really can’t give one example. I have received a lot of massive thank yous and big compliments, and some clients have sent over physical presents, such as chocolate and flowers, which is always nice. 

Is there an example of delivering support that you are personally proud of?

 I think the examples of support that I am most proud of are our larger clients and solving complex problems. When you work with them you have to understand their flow and how they do things. Often, you learn as much from them, as what you teach them.

Is there skill from providing support, that you would like to take forward into your own life?

I think good listening skills, which are obviously easier at work. In private life, it is harder, because you are far more emotionally invested.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

I would love to have a work-related superpower, which would be to develop new features on Rodeo in one day, so yes, basically be a tech whizz.

What pre-pandemic activity do you miss the most?

 I miss going out with friends and family to restaurants for meals. Also, obviously I miss clubbing too!

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