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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Rodeo?

Your newest BFF: An online project management app built for creative businesses working on a project basis.


Who is Rodeo for?

Are you a part of a creative enterprise with up to 40 employees? Does your organization work on a project basis? Would you rather leap like Indiana Jones into a pit filled with poisonous snakes than worry about timesheets? If you answered yes, then Rodeo is perfect for you.

Why the focus on creative businesses?

Because we love creatives! They work hard making the world a more interesting place and we think they deserve a project management solution tailored just for them. No one-size-fits all here.

Why did we develop Rodeo?

Simple: there is no other effective tool for creative businesses. We saw a gap in the market and filled it...filled it like delicious strawberry-flavored project management jelly.

Can I call you?

Please do! We would love to talk to you about Rodeo, schedule a demo, hear about that reoccuring dream where you’re being chased by a zombie honey badger—anything really. Call l +31 (0)88 1651400

Why the name Rodeo?

Rodeos and project management are alike. In both, it's important you’re firmly in the saddle with the reins in your hands, master of your own destiny and not startled by unexpected jumps and turns. Plus, cowboys are just cool.

How does Rodeo help my business?

It makes project administration faster, complete and transparent. You know exactly what state the projects are in, allowing you to make adjustments in time when necessary. The only thing it can’t do is make you a cappuccino with a heart design in the froth. But trust me, we’re working on that.  

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