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Creative projects flow better with Rodeo

No more wasting time on admin work. Manage team capacity, status, campaigns, and budgets with a true 360 view of your projects and finances.

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Collaborate more in one place
Collaborate more in one place

Track campaigns, plan activities, assign tasks, and communicate with the whole team in an easy-to-use platform.

Never miss another dime
Never miss another dime

Rodeo’s features are interconnected to give you the most insights. That way, you always know which projects are profitable and which ones need more attention.

Track projects successfully
Track projects successfully

Not sure how much time is required to complete tasks? Rodeo’s time tracking feature will help you uncover the mysteries.

A comprehensive project management tool designed for creatives

Stop the manual admin work. Collaborate together with in-house teams, freelancers, contractors, and clients in a powerful and user-friendly tool.  

Send estimate

Turn budgets into client-ready estimates in minutes.

Track progress

Know where each project stage is at, in real-time.

Measure ROI

Use Rodeo's comprehensive reports to help you understand your margins.

Save time by duplicating previous projects

Starting a similar project you've worked on before? Save setup time by copying the framework from another project. Choose to copy only specific aspects of it such as team, budget, phases, activities, tasks, and assignees, or copy the entire project.

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Assign tasks based on your team's skills

Rodeo makes it easy for you to assign and divide tasks among team members. Tag each team member with their skills so that you can easily search for them when assigning a new task. 

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Project management tool costs are 50% less with Rodeo
Motion Design & Visual Effects Studio

Project management tool costs are 50% less with Rodeo

Rodeo covers all stages of projects' lifecycles without third-party integrations. Since switching to Rodeo, BAIT Studio has been saving at least 50% in online tool total cost according to managing director, Peter Rogers—despite adding far more users than before. 

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Projects are 30% more profitable since switching to Rodeo

Projects are 30% more profitable since switching to Rodeo

Digital Agency JaxX struggled to measure whether their estimations matched the amount of time going into their projects. Their brand director, Axell Avalon-van Staveren, recounts how Rodeo helped them change that, resulting in a 30% increase in profitability. 

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