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Female and male colleagues discussing a project's progress in Rodeo.

Efficient planning,
increased productivity

With Rodeo Drive, missed deadlines are a thing of the past. Deliver projects on time by planning based on capacity, talent, and resources.

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Supercharge your projects

Hit deadlines others couldn't. Accept new business with confidence and know you have the resources to deliver.

Maximize productivity and profits

Control your profits by planning based on the available project budget. Plus, reporting insights can show you how to improve project profitability next time.  

Steer your project in the
right direction

Filter your planner by projects or team members and always have real-time insights to take action when needed.

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Flexibility that adapts to changes

When plans are changed, simply drag and drop to adjust a phase or activity timeline.

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Prevent burnout by managing team capacity

Plan tasks using Rodeo Drive's timeline view task planner. Easily drag and drop tasks if you need to reschedule or reassign action items.

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Frequently asked questions

Could I attach documents and files to a task?

Absolutely. You can add attachments to each task to provide additional instructions, briefs, revisions, and more.

Can I assign more than one person for the same task?

No, each task can only be assigned to a single user. That's to ensure the system can accurately track time spent on tasks and overall productivity per user.

How will I know where I need coverage and when I can no longer take on any new projects?

After setting up each user’s weekly schedule in the user settings, you will be able to see how many more hours they can take on with the planner.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed? We're here to help!

Feeling a bit overwhelmed? We're here to help!

Rodeo Drive helps you manage all stages of projects, from financial administration to tasks, all in one place. Schedule a call to speak with one of our experts or try for free today.

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