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Finally, a Smartsheet alternative that's easy to use

More than glorified spreadsheets, Rodeo is an easy-to-use project management tool that can do it all. 

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No credit card needed.

Tired of using a tool that requires training? Look no further than Rodeo. 

Simple user-friendly interface

Reviewers cite Smartsheet’s complexity and steep learning curve as two of the platform’s main challenges. Rodeo’s intuitive and easy-to-navigate dashboard provides a complete overview of your project status at a glance without having to navigate elsewhere.

Send client-ready invoices and estimates directly from the platform

Templates can only get you so far. That’s why Rodeo does the work for you by generating customizable, client-ready estimates and invoices in just a few clicks. Need to set up recurring invoices to bill clients on a set schedule? Don’t worry, Rodeo can do that too. 

Start with a project budget

Time tracking that connects with your budget in real time

While Smartsheet offers rudimentary timesheets, Rodeo takes time tracking a step further by allowing users to simply start the stopwatch on their dashboard to begin recording their time. Forget to start the stopwatch? Simply add a timecard. The best part is, your budget will update in real time. 

Start tracking time

More features

A truly all-in-one tool

Detailed Reports

Detailed Reports

Rodeo turns your project data into detailed reports that can help you deliver projects on time and within budget. Because all of the features in Rodeo are connected, the reports feature allows you to keep track of current progress, employee productivity, and profitability.

Task Management

Task Management

Rodeo makes it easy to manage your team's workload. When assigning a task, you can select collaborators based on skill set and availability while providing clear direction and resources right on the platform.



Rodeo brings teams together for better collaboration throughout projects. Using the messenger feature, start a private chat to catch up with a colleague or create project channels for faster updates from all collaborators.

Everything you need to manage projects, without costly integrations.  

Rodeo eliminates the need to integrate and switch between apps. And unlike Smartsheet, Rodeo saves you money by structuring subscriptions based on roles instead of charging you by feature set. 

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Don't just take our word for it:

“Rodeo helped us make our projects about 30% more profitable. Once we started using the time tracker, we had an accurate overview of how much time team members really needed to complete their projects.”

Axell Avalon-van Staveren
Brand Director, JaxX

“With Rodeo, we can quickly see what’s going on with our projects, providing much more context to base updates on. Clients have really noticed how we are able to give way more details about project status than we used to.”

Peter Rogers
Managing Director, BAIT Studio

Frequently asked questions

Is there any training or certification necessary to use Rodeo?

No, Rodeo is an easy-to-use project management software. The platform's simple interface makes it easy to onboard new employees. If you do need assistance, we offer free personalized onboarding and live chat support.

Does Rodeo offer integrations?

We believe project management solutions should be all in one, which is why we only integrate with QuickBooks (US) and Xero (UK) to assist with bookkeeping. 

Do I need to complete a time card after finishing a task in Rodeo?

Yes. Once a task is completed, Rodeo will prompt you to fill out a time card associated with that task. This helps keep your budget updated and allows Rodeo to generate accurate reports.

Ready to make the switch to Rodeo?

Ready to make the switch to Rodeo?

If you still have questions about our software, allow us to show you the ropes through a personalized demo, or try it yourself with a 14-day free trial. 
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