Time Tracking

Let's be honest, nobody thinks time registration is the best part of the job. But we know that writing down hours and analyzing them brings you one step closer to becoming a more efficient and profitable creative agency. That is why we have made time registration within Rodeo as simple as possible.

Time Tracking


With Rodeo's timer, you can write down hours as accurately as to the second. Start the timer when you're working on a task, pause when it's time for a coffee and stop it when you're done. Each time card is linked directly to a project activity so the budget is updated in real time. Writing down hours is a must, but we've made it as simple as possible for you and your team!

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With the Planning & Tasks feature on Rodeo, you can plan your team super fast based on their availability and skills. From your budget activities, you can create a task list for yourself and your entire team in no time. Everyone knows exactly what they have to work on and how much time it'll cost them. Thus, your team can easily write down their hours on these tasks, so your project budget is always up-to-date and you know exactly where you stand.


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