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15 Marketing Agency Software to Use for 2024

Esther van Opijnen
February 16, 2023
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As a marketing agency, staying ahead of the competition in today's digital landscape requires utilizing the latest and greatest software tools. 

With the right marketing software, your company can boost its online visibility, automate various tasks, and analyze data to make informed decisions. 

There is no shortage of work for marketing professionals. A Gartner Survey reveals that last year’s marketing budgets increased to 9.5% of overall company revenue

Having the right tech stack is essential for scaling your marketing agency. Here’s what to look out for:

  • With so many options available, it’s easy to overspend. Hold quarterly tech stack reviews and gather feedback to decide if the platform is still valuable.
  • Opt for an all-in-one marketing project management tool to create an overview of all projects, tasks, and budgets.
  • An intuitive software tool will cut down on onboarding time.
  • Most platforms offer free trials. Make use of this and decide if it’s a good fit for the needs and structure of your team.

To help you get started on your search, we've compiled a list of the top 15 marketing agency software to use in 2024.

From email marketing to social media management and beyond, these tools have been selected based on their key features, affordability, and effectiveness. 

Whether you're looking to streamline your workflow or make a big impact on your target audience, there's a software solution for you on this list.

Ready to take your marketing agency to the next level? Let’s get started.

1. Rodeo Drive - Project Management Software

Rodeo Drive is the perfect fit if you require an all-in-one tool for your marketing projects, and it is designed to optimize collaboration and streamline your processes without many integrations – yep, Rodeo Drive will cut down your tech stack

When it comes to software for marketing agencies, Rodeo Drive was built with the needs of creatives in mind. The project management platform covers the administrative side of marketing projects, allowing you to spend more time strategizing, producing, and presenting your project proposals and work to clients.

Here are a few of Rodeo Drive’s features that marketing agencies love:

Project budget management

Your project profitability is vital to your marketing agency’s financial health. Internal stakeholders or accountants might regularly ask for an update. Giving a firm answer is difficult with scattered Excel spreadsheets on your desktop.

Starting your project with a solid budget isn’t as complicated as you might think, but budgeting can be a balancing act. The estimate should satisfy your client, plus, you must also want to make sure your company will be left with a decent ROI.

Rodeo Drive’s budgeting feature is structured to help marketing agencies calculate costs, plan cost activities, and allocate the right resources.

Building a budget in Rodeo Drive

Building a budget in Rodeo Drive

When your project budget is ready for the client’s sign-off or when billing time has come around, customize the estimate or invoice in Rodeo Drive by adding your branding, discounts, and a personalized message. 

Assign project activities based on team availability

Your team has received the sign-off, and the project’s got the green light. With multiple projects going simultaneously, your marketing agency will thrive through an intuitive way to plan tasks while keeping an eye on deadlines. 

With Rodeo Drive’s planning future, you eliminate confusion by breaking down the project into manageable phases and tasks. Assign these activities based on availability, that way no one has too much on their plate. 

Adding a project activity to Rodeo Drive's planner

Adding a project activity to Rodeo Drive's planner

Additional features

  • Time tracking: Rodeo Drive makes time tracking easy by allowing you to use a stopwatch or add timecards. Every time entry is connected to a budgeted activity, allowing your spending to be easily tracked. 
  • Reporting: Because all of Rodeo Drive’s features are interconnected, you can access insights on project profitability, employee productivity, and time registration.

Digital Agency JaxX struggled to measure whether their estimations matched the time going into their projects. Brand Director Axell Avalon-van Staveren recounts how Rodeo helped them change that, resulting in a 30% increase in profitability

Rodeo Drive’s pricing

There are two pricing plans available in Rodeo Drive — the Free plan, which includes a limited feature set, and the Achiever plan, which gives you access to all features for $14.99 per user/month.  

Companies on the Free plan will have a limited number of seats, 3 active projects, no guest users, and no reports. You’ll need to upgrade should you need more than that.

2. Ahrefs

Ahref's dashboard

Source: Ahrefs

This software tool is a staple for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) research. Marketing teams use Ahrefs to find keywords and the competition on search engines to optimize web content for clients. 

Ahrefs markets itself as an all-in-one SEO toolset for optimizing websites, analyzing competitors, keyword research, content ideas, link building, and more. 

Founded in 2010, the company has become one of the best-known SEO software available and has a range of enterprise clients like Shopify, LinkedIn, Adobe, and Meta.

Ahrefs provides features for all team members, from marketing assistants to SEO specialists. Access management options allow for easy sharing across the whole organization or the ability to make projects private. 

The platform is scalable with unlimited free users and two types of paid users: casual and power. Its Google Data Studio integration and pre-built templates make building custom dashboards and sharing insights a breeze.

Key features

  • Content gap analysis
  • Site audit
  • Rank tracker
  • Keyword idea generator


Ahrefs offers their Webmaster Toos for free and includes a Site Audit and Site Explorer tools. The Lite subscription offers an SEO dashboard, rank tracker, and alerts for $99 a year and claims it’s the best plan for hobby projects or small businesses. 

A tier higher, the Standard Plan rates at $199 and includes a content explorer and position history chart. Need integration with Google Data Studio? The Advanced Plan at $399 would be your best bet. If you’re running an SEO agency or juggling multiple SEO projects, the Enterprise Plan will give you access management for $999. 

Each plan comes with 1 Power User. Additional users and data are charged on a pay-as-you-go basis.

3. Semrush

Semrush's keyword research feature

Source: Semrush

Semrush offers marketing agencies tailored features for SEO, pay-per-click (PPC), content production, and social media marketing. Semrush scrapes data from search engines and gives an idea of how difficult it would be to rank for keywords in your client’s industry.

Although similar to Ahrefs in many respects, Semrush offers separate views and projects for agencies handling various clients. For example, the platform includes integrations with Google Ads, Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, making tracking every aspect of digital marketing campaigns easy.  

Its SEO keyword research tool will help agencies to determine if it’s worth it for the client to move forward with content production. Plus, paid advertising campaign budgets can be narrowed down thanks to the estimations of each keyword by Semrush.  

Tip: Read The Project Management Checklist: 12 Steps to Follow before onboarding new clients. 

Key features

  • SEO keyword research
  • Marketing calendar
  • PPC keyword research
  • Social media management 
  • Advertising research 


If you’re working in a small team, the Pro Plan at $119.95 per month offers SEO, social, and PPC tools. The Guru Plan is recommended for agencies and mid-sized businesses and includes device tracking and integration with Looker Studio. The Enterprise Plan offers API access and free migration for $449.95. 

4. Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO's content tool

Source: Surfer SEO

The name gives it away, but Surfer SEO is a cloud-based tool that allows marketers to optimize, analyze, and compare pages against what ranks on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

The tool offers an analysis of what’s missing from content and pages. Surfer SEO grabs the ranking of top pages and looks at in-page SEO metrics like main keyword usage, meta tags, media elements, word count, internal and external links, and headline structure.

Surfer SEO can be a valuable tool for preliminary analysis of a (potential) client’s website. Looking at the linking strategy and the level of optimization required allows for estimating the amount of work it will be for your agency. 

Now, while you’re at it, here’s how to create a project budget proposal plus a free template.

Key features

  • Content editor
  • SERP analyzer
  • Content audit
  • Content planner
  • Keyword research


SurferSEO’s monthly plans start at $59, offering 10 articles and 20 pages audits. The Pro plan at $119 per month offers medium organizations operating multiple websites with 30 articles and 60 pages to audit. Large agencies will benefit from the $239 Business plan with 70 articles and 140 pages. Custom plans are available upon request.

5. Hubspot Marketing

Hubspot Marketing's lead generation feature

Source: Hubspot

Hubspot is one of the biggest names in the marketing game today. The company was founded on the principle that customers willingly engage in marketing activities if they are presented with valuable content.

The Hubspot Marketing Hub was built as part of the complete CRM platform and offers marketing features and data in one place. The Marketing Hub promises to sync with integrations such as Salesforce. 

While this software platform is valuable for streamlining all workflows at marketing agencies, Hubspot also offers the Solution Partner Program. With this service, agencies can measure their client’s success, from page views to landing page conversions, in one place. 

The benefit of using Hubspot is the complete suite of marketing features and metrics. If your agency is a HubSpot Solutions Partner, you can offer your clients a two-for-one deal that’s hard to refuse. All the expertise of your team members, unique marketing strategies, insights, and services make you a top-notch choice for clients.

Key features

  • Custom landing pages
  • Marketing automation
  • CRM
  • Social media editor
  • Marketing analytics


Hubspot offers free and premium plans. The Starter package includes ad retargeting and marketing automation for $45 per month. The Professional plan starts at $800 per month with SEO, custom reporting, and blog features. Large marketing agencies could benefit from the $3,600/month plan, including user roles, lead scoring, and ABM tools. 

6. Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4's reporting feature

Source: Google Analytics

Mark your calendar. On July 1, 2023, Google will retire Universal Analytics and move everyone to Google Analytics 4 (GA4). For marketing agencies, this switch will have some impact. 

GA is a staple for marketing agencies to track online activity, and GA4 will look familiar. We live in a mobile world, and the new version will focus on how people browse and interact with online content.

GA4 reorients the metrics from ‘sessions’ to ‘events’ and combines web and mobile app data to measure platform journeys.  

The templates for custom reporting borrow some features from Google Data Studio and promises to be simple to use and share. 

Key features

  • Web and app data collection
  • Event-based data
  • Traffic predictions
  • Integrations with media platforms
  • Reporting templates


Like Google’s Universal Analytics, Google Analytics 4 is free of charge – a big plus!

7. Google Search Console

Google Search Console's dashboard

Source: Google Search Console

For SEO specialists and marketers, Google Search Console is one of the OG software tools. This service by Google helps you monitor website traffic, optimize rankings and make informed decisions based on the site's search results. 

When running a marketing or SEO agency, nothing is more important than proving your strategy and services to your clients. To understand the full impact of campaigns, comprehensive reporting is essential. 

Beyond the $0 cost, the daily ranking updates are a valuable feature of Google Search Console. With this report, you can optimize your client’s SEO strategy daily and pass on the success of your efforts or proposed improvements. 

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Key features

  • Search Analytics Report
  • Data Highlighter
  • HTML Improvements 
  • URL Inspection


Google Search Console is a free service offered by Google.

8. Intercom

Intercom's inbox feature

Source: Intercom

Intercom manages customer interactions from beginning to end and is a conversational marketing tool for agencies or their clients. The chatbots guide (potential) customers across a website or software tool to build leads, improve the user experience, or increase the number of demos or trials. 

The platform could help remove some workloads for customer success managers and marketing professionals by streamlining the onboarding experience for new clients.

The surveys are valuable features for marketing agencies to analyze and improve engagement and brand consistency with the product. 

Key features

  • Outbound messages
  • Surveys
  • Help Center articles
  • Messenger


Get started by trying Intercom for free. Then, decide which plan suits your agency. The Starter license for ‘very small businesses’ includes two seats and a reach of up to 1,000 people for $74 a month when billed annually. An additional seat will cost you an additional $19. The solutions for ‘most businesses’ are divided into Support, Engage, and Convert plans. The prices are available upon request and are based on the number of seats and people reached.

9. Hootsuite

Hootsuite's streams feature

Source: Hootsuite

Managing social media accounts for clients is a lot of fun – and a lot of work! Digital marketing agencies have a lot of tasks to plan and structure for their social media marketing teams.

Digital marketing teams can benefit from a social media management platform like Hootsuite that helps organize and manage bulk social media content using dashboards and scheduling. Marketing agencies can integrate all the major social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok and supports Reels, images, and video content. Social media producers know exactly how the post will look by using the preview mode.

The permissions settings allow clients to view reports and review and approve draft posts. This comes in handy when you are working on campaigns or product launches. 

Key features

  • Ad content
  • Analyze results
  • Publish and schedule content
  • Monitor activity 
  • Client view


After a 30-day trial, you can pick from four different monthly plans. The Professional plan for $99 includes unlimited posts and scheduling for one user. The Team plan can be used by three users and has roles and permissions features for $249. If you need to add more social accounts, The Business plan includes approval and workflow processes and customer support for $762. Request an Enterprise plan if you need to add more social accounts or need analytics and reports. 

10. Loom

Screenshot of Loom's recording feature

Source: Loom

Video is everywhere, not only in creative content or short-form snaps on social media, it’s a great way to communicate with clients. Sometimes a Slack message or email won’t cut it. 

Loom allows you to record your screen and voice simultaneously and lets you easily share your videos with others.

The software is perfect for creating quick tutorials for clients so they can learn how to perform tasks on their own. Another valuable way of using Loom is by recording explanations videos and sending them along with the latest analytics. Clients can watch the recordings at their own pace and rewind, and pause as much as they like.

Now, they will be less likely to bombard you with messages and calls asking for explanations, which might save your team a meeting or two.

Tip: Feeling overwhelmed with all the creative tasks coming at you? Here’s the Ultimate Guide for Creative Project Management in 2024.

Key features

  • Screen sharing
  • Advanced reporting 
  • Screen and voice recording 
  • Custom thumbnails 
  • HD recording


Use the Starter for free and get up to 25 videos. Get custom branding and unlimited video for $8 per creator per month when billed annually. If you require a Salesforce integration or SSO, talk to a customer representative. 

11. Funnel

Screenshot of Funnel's dashboard

Source: Funnel

Funnel acts like a, well, funnel for all marketing data centralized in one platform. It provides marketing agencies with clean and accurate data. The company is on a mission to help marketers become data-driven. 

The software acts as the single source of truth for overall marketing performance and connects data from any marketing platform, and shares it with visualization tools without needing to code. 

Agencies who work with big clients or large, data-heavy campaigns will benefit from Funnel. The visualizations make it easier to optimize the spending on ads. The clean reports are a great talking piece for the next check-in with the client.

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Key features

  • Automate data collection
  • Access historical data
  • Map data
  • Automated data organization


Funnel offers separate plans for marketers and agencies. The Essentials plan promises to be a good fit for marketing professionals and analysts and includes data organization and transformation for up to five users for $399 per month, paid annually. Use the Plus plan if you wish unlimited users for $999, or get a dedicated customer success partner with the Enterprise Plan for $1,999. 

12. Salesmate

Screenshot of Salesmate's contact feature

Source: Salesmate

Salesmate offers CRM features tailored to the needs of marketing agencies, including marketing and workflow automation, meeting scheduler, and live chat.

Marketing agencies can leverage Salesmate’s built-in calling, text messaging, and emailing features. With Salesmate Marketing Automation, you execute the strategies faster by getting repetitive tasks out of the way. Salesmate integrates with many marketing tools like HubSpot, MailChimp, Zoom, Shopify, and Slack.

The customizable sales reports and forecasting features will give your agency actionable insights into growth and revenue. 

Key features

  • Smart emails
  • Sales pipeline
  • Marketing/sales automation
  • Auto profile enrichment


Salesmate offers a 20% discount if billed annually. The Starter plan costs $12 per user/month and includes the basic features. Get a team inbox and custom dashboard and reports for $24 per user/month. The Boost plan at $40 includes workflow features and team management. Salesmate offers an Enterprise Plan for large agencies.  

13. Calendly

Screenshot of Calendly's scheduling feature

Source: Calendly

“When works for you? Oh no, I can’t that day as I’ll be OOO.” Scheduling meetings can be a hassle, whether with potential clients or the full marketing team. Calendly helps teams book meetings faster through simplified scheduling software embedded in Google or Office calendars. 

Embed Calendly on your website to allow potential customers to book discovery calls. All prospects and visitors have to do is pick a time that works for them, and the meeting will be scheduled onto your calendar. You can also customize your event-type settings. For example, you might want to limit a discovery call to 10 minutes and extend calls with suppliers and existing clients to 30 minutes.

Calendly could be integrated with email outreach campaigns for your clients. Instead of using ‘learn more,’ you could swap the CTA to ‘meet now’ and analyze if interested prospects will schedule the meeting. 

The platform integrates with many popular CRM tools like HubSpot and Salesforce. 

Key features

  • Schedule directly from marketing campaigns
  • Screen prospects
  • Create customer journeys
  • Integrations with Zapier, Hubspot, Salesforce, and more


The Basic plan connects to one calendar and includes one active event type and costs you zero. Need two calendars and unlimited event types? Go for the Essentials plan for $8 per seat/month. The Professional plan at $12 gets you a fully customizable Calendly. Connect to Salesforce and set up a lead-generation process with your team and pay $16 for the Teams plan per seat/month. Get advanced security and support for your team of over 30 people by requesting an Enterprise plan.

14. Slack

Screenshot of Slack channel

Source: Slack

If you’re already a Slack user, you might wake up with the typical notification sound ringing in your head from time to time. Fun fact: this noise is called the “Knock Brush” and can be changed to a different sound from their library.

Marketing agencies use Slack to brainstorm ideas, chat about updates and organize campaigns and timelines. The software is mainly used to stay in sync with each other. 

Working with clients brings a whole other dimension to communication. The Slack Connect feature facilitates communication between internal and external teams.

Slack’s integration with Sales Marketing Cloud helps teams to optimize the marketing performance of their agency and clients with centralized workflows. Insights and data can be easily shared, too. 

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Key features

  • File sharing
  • Workflow builder
  • Data protection
  • Huddles and clips


The Free plan includes 10 integrations with other apps and 90-day message and file history access. Get unlimited integrations and chat history with the Pro plan for $7.25 per user when billed annually. The Business+ license comes with data exports, single sign-on, and a 99.99% guaranteed uptime of the app, and it costs $12.50 per user/month. Contact sales if you wish to use unlimited workspaces and ask for the Enterprise Grid. 

15. Drip

Screenshot of Drip's revenue feature

Source: Drip

Drip is a marketing automation software designed to help agencies set up email marketing campaigns, forms, segmentation, personalization, and automated email workflows.

The platform focuses on the e-commerce industry and can save marketing agencies valuable time as pre-built email workflows, including welcome series, birthday messages, and post-purchase emails, are all part of the package. The visual builder allows marketers to craft personalized sequences without requiring coding experience.

Besides the automation, the integrations with the largest platforms, including Shopify and Magento, make it a well-rounded solution for e-commerce marketing agencies. 

Key features

  • Marketing lead database
  • Web analytics and reporting
  • Outbound emails
  • Landing pages and forms


Drip promises no hidden fees or charges. The pricing is based on the list size and send volume. Pick your plan or start with a 14-day free trial to see if Drip fits into your marketing agency software collection. The monthly rate is $39 for 1-2,500 people on the mailing list, with unlimited email sends, email support, and free migration. 

If you’re working with multiple clients and have over 5,500 contacts, you get email and chat support for $99 a month. Need more? Enterprise-level packages are available upon request and include access to a customer success manager.


There you have it, our complete list of the 15 best software on the market for marketing agencies.

As you’ve read, there are many options for marketing teams. So, what to pick? Go for a tool that makes it easier for your team to collaborate, streamline marketing processes and get more done.

Get started with Rodeo Drive for free today. After all, you want to look out for that profit margin, right?