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8 Harvest Alternatives for Project Management

Ketheren Thorn
Ketheren Thorn
February 4, 2022

When it comes to project management, being able to keep track of projects and activities is crucial to staying under budget – which makes Harvest an attractive solution to manage timesheet data.

Helping businesses of all sizes, Harvest is a great tool for time-tracking, billing and invoicing, and reporting. However, the tool comes short on all other aspects of project management. 

To help with the search for the perfect fit for your needs, we’ve highlighted the top 8 Harvest alternatives for project management.

Why you might look for a Harvest alternative?

It’s important to acknowledge that Harvest is primarily a time-tracking tool. While Harvest helps manage timesheets, team bandwidth, and billing, the tool doesn’t offer a true 360 view of projects. Here are some of the drawbacks:

Heavily dependent on integrations  

Designed for time tracking and budgeting, Harvest depends on third-party tools for task management and project planning – which sometimes lead to syncing lags and other issues. The absence of a planner, for example, is a challenge for project managers who need to precisely track time spent on specific tasks, resulting in more work and extra tools.

Limited invoicing options 

Although Harvest comes with an invoicing feature, the platform doesn’t have an option to automate and set recurring invoices without a third-party tool like other platforms in the market.  

Reports aren’t very robust 

Harvest offers reports and analytics, but they aren’t that insightful after all. Generating a full-year report, for example, isn’t an option, which is often a drawback to project managers looking to create end-of-year reports. 

Top 8 Harvest alternatives to check out before making a commitment

Now that we’ve covered some of the main reasons why you might want to look for a Harvest alternative, let’s take a look at the options available for you:

1. Rodeo

Rodeo's all projects overview

​​Rodeo was designed to bridge the gap between projects and finances, resulting in a comprehensive project management solution. Because budgets are at the core of projects, every project you create in Rodeo starts with setting up a budget. 

Similar to Harvest, Rodeo offers time-tracking, budgeting, reporting, and invoicing. What is unique about Rodeo, though, is that the tool is a true all-in-one solution that includes estimating, expenses, task management, planning, and much more.

Why do companies choose Rodeo over Harvest?

Let’s take a look at some of the unique features Rodeo offers compared to Harvest:

  1. Native recurring invoices: Rodeo allows you to create and automate recurring invoices straight from the platform.  
  2. Planning & task management: The robust planner and tasks features allow you to manage team capacity while tracking time spent on each task in real-time.
  3. Comprehensive reports: Create reports based on closed projects, lagged time, work in progress, and employee productivity that allows you to better understand and forecast.

Here is a detailed look at these features:

1. Set up recurring invoices for your peace of mind 

If invoicing is a large factor when looking for a project management tool, then you will love Rodeo’s invoicing feature. After you create a project and its budget, you have the option to either send an estimate to the client – which then can be turned into an invoice upon approval – or turn it into an invoice.  

Work with projects and clients on a retainer? Rodeo allows you to automate this process by setting up recurring invoices. Choose the project, client, a starting and end date, and the frequency you want to send it and Rodeo will do the rest.  

Rodeo helps you set recurring invoices

Rodeo also integrates with Quickbooks Online, giving your team more flexibility for bookkeeping and billing. 

2. Manage your projects with Rodeo's planning and task management features

Since Rodeo offers its own planner and task manager, keeping track of project health, budget, and timeline is simple and in real-time. 

Rodeo’s task feature will help you manage and optimize your team’s capacity by allowing you to choose collaborators based on their skills and availability. Every task activity and time tracked are directly tied to a project and budget, giving you insights into every step and phase of a project.

Screen showing ease to assign tasks in Rodeo

Plus, Rodeo also comes with a built-in messenger to help improve project collaboration without the need to switch between platforms. Teams stay connected while sharing live updates of projects and task status.

3. Get real insights with comprehensive reports

Having an all-in-one tool means you get insights into every step of your process through powerful reporting capabilities. With Rodeo, you can run reports to check employee productivity, log hours against activities, and a detailed view of each and every closed project. These insights can then be leveraged to better forecast timelines and create realistic budgets. 

Another unique aspect of Rodeo’s reports is being able to calculate project margins. This is incredibly valuable to know whether or not your projects are profitable or not. How great is that?

Rodeo's closed projects report

Additional features 

  • Expenses
  • Purchase orders
  • Messenger
  • Contact management


  • Base price: $29.99 user/month
  • Additional full user license (project managers): +$14.99 user/month
  • Additional standard user license (creatives): +$8.99 user/month

Want to test drive Rodeo? Take advantage of the commitment-free trial

2. Toggl Track

Toggl Track's team activity view

Source: Toggl

If you are looking for project-oriented software, then Toggl Track is a reasonable alternative to Harvest. The platform lets you create time tracking reports, export time logs as spreadsheets, as well as pull and share reports with clients for further transparency.

Like Harvest, Toggl Track relies on integrations to give you the full project management experience. Toggl Track’s reporting is basic and not intuitive when compared to Harvest or Rodeo, and the invoicing feature is not very flexible either.

Toggl Track's popular features 

  • Time-tracking
  • Project Revenue tracking
  • Team scheduling & Management
  • Reporting

Who is this tool for?

Toggl Track is ideal for small to midsize teams looking for a platform that can help track time and projects while getting an overview of productivity and profitability. But if you are looking to scale, though, this might not be the right tool for you.

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  • Basic: Free
  • Starter: $10.00 user/month 
  • Premium: $20.00 user/month
  • Enterprise: Pricing can be requested on their website 

3. Wrike

Project schedule view in Wrike

Source: Wrike

Wrike is an enterprise-level project management solution designed to assist organizations with advanced task management, time-tracking, resource management, project reporting, and more. 

Different than Harvest, Wrike offers a better solution if you are looking for a 360 view of your projects and teams, including custom workflow and task options. However, the platform is so complex that the learning curve is much longer than other tools in the market like Rodeo.

Wrike's popular features

  • Activity Tracking
  • Asset Sharing
  • Backlog Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Advanced Analytics

Who is this tool for?

Due to its complexity, Wrike is best suited for larger teams and enterprise-level organizations. If you're a small company mostly looking for task management, time tracking, and reporting solutions, Wrike may not be the best fit for your needs.

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  • Basic: Free
  • Professional: $9.80 user/month 
  • Business: $24.80 user/month
  • Enterprise: Pricing can be requested on their website 

4. Hubstaff

Hubstaff timesheet view

Source: Hubstaff

Hubstaff is another Harvest alternative that allows project managers to track time, manage invoices, and create reports through one dashboard. Compared to Harvest, Hubstaff offers far more comprehensive time-tracking and payroll management features for remote teams, including real-time screen capture that monitors employees' activities. 

Users often point outs the flaws and downside of the activity surveillance for not recording activity when you are on a virtual meeting, for example. 

Hubstaff's popular features 

  • Time-tracking
  • Employee monitoring
  • Payroll management
  • Geofencing & GPS tracking
  • Calendar Management
  • Reporting

Who is this tool for?

Ideal for remote and field service teams including e-commerce, software, construction, and startup companies, Hubstaff is known to aid small and growing businesses to accomplish more and maximize productivity.


  • Desk Free: Free
  • Desk Starter: $7.00 user/month 
  • Desk Pro: $10.00 user/month
  • Enterprise: Pricing can be requested on their website

5. TimeCamp

TimeCamp dashboard view

Source: TimeCamp

Similar to Harvest, TimeCamp is a project management solution focused on time tracking, invoicing, and reporting. The platform allows project managers to create accurate timesheets and detailed reports to improve projects' profitability, track employees' performance, and collaborate with teams and clients. 

Just like Harvest, TimeCamp doesn’t have its own task management, relying on external app integrations such as Trello to deliver a full project management experience. You can’t schedule or plan tasks to later compare planned vs. accruals, which is a big downside for those looking for comprehensive insights.

TimeCamp's popular features

  • Activity Tracking
  • Auto Time Capture
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Calendar Management
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Customizable Invoices

Who is this tool for?

TimeCamp is suitable for Professional B2B businesses in need of time tracking features and invoicing capabilities. It offers a Paypal integration for invoicing and billing. 


  • Basic: Free
  • Business: $7.00 user/month 
  • Pro: $10.00 user/month
  • Enterprise: Pricing can be requested on their website 

6. BigTime

BigTime project list screen

​​​​​​​Source: BigTime

Another popular alternative to Harvest and with strong financial capabilities is BigTime. With this tool, you can track time, automate billing and invoicing, integrate with accounting tools, and create workflows for your projects.

For those looking for software that is more focused on accounting and financial insights, this tool certainly delivers on that. The software offers a solution to payment processing via their BigTime Wallet. However, the interface is not very user-friendly and although BigTime offers task and resource management features, scheduling can be bulky and task status doesn’t automatically update, and customer support isn’t the most reliable. 

Another possible drawback is that the platform is only available in English, limiting those who work with remote teams across the globe. 

BigTime's popular features 

  • Time-Tracking
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Resource Management
  • Budget Management
  • Payment Processing

Who is this tool for?

BigTime is suitable for small to mid-size professional services firms such as accountants, architects, engineers, IT service firms, and consultants.


  • Express: $10.00 user/month  
  • Pro: $30.00 user/month
  • Premier: $40.00 user/month

7. QuickBooks Time

QuickBooks Time payroll report view

​​​​​​​Source: QuickBooks Time

Formerly known as TSheets, QuickBooks Time is another Harvest alternative if you are looking for an easy and intuitive employee time tracking tool. The straightforward QuickBooks Time mobile app makes clocking in and out from your mobile devices as easy as navigating the most popular social sites. It also includes geofencing and GPS for seamless clock-in and clock-out. 

The downside of this feature is that there are no actual project management solutions within it. It relies on third-party integrations like Asana for task management software. With that, reporting is not always accurate and you can't generate reports based on projects, for example.

QuickBooks Time's popular features  

  • Time Tracking
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Calendar Management
  • Team Management
  • Reporting
  • GPS and Geofencing

Who is this tool for?

QuickBooks Time is suitable for teams looking for a time tracking and team management tool. For those who have employees that need to clock in and clock out from different job sites, Quickbooks time makes it easy and simple.


  • Premium: $20.00 user/month
  • Elite: $40.00 user/month 

8. Paymo

Paymo project overview screen

​​​​​​​Source: Paymo

Paymo is a project management software focused on improving team collaboration while offering features to manage projects from start to finish. The tool enables you to keep a close look at every stage of your project, making it easy to manage budgets, invoices, and project resources.

As a Harvest alternative, Paymo offers some unique features like file management, native task management, and the ability to create estimates. The downside for some users is that the platform isn't always very flexible, especially when managing team schedules.

Paymo's popular features 

  • Time Tracking
  • Task Management
  • Invoicing and Estimates
  • Team Collaboration
  • Team scheduling

Who is this tool for?

Paymo is best suited for small and medium project-based businesses such as advertising and marketing agencies, web development, and design agencies. 

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  • Basic: Free
  • Small Office: $11.95 user/month
  • Business: $18.95 user/month


Harvest's platform works great when it comes to time-tracking, billing, and reporting. But if your goal is to better manage your projects from start to finish, the tool doesn’t offer some of the key features that are native to other available project management tools. 

If your operations involve tracking project activities of a large number of remote or in-house employees, Harvest won’t be able to meet your goals. In this case, alternatives such as Wrike, Quickbooks Time, or Hubstaff are better suited for your needs. 

On the other hand, if you are looking for a robust all-in-one tool that is scalable, yet easy to use, then Rodeo is likely the best fit for you. Its precise time-tracking feature when combined with financial features such as project budgets, estimates, invoicing, planning, task management, and reporting will give you a framework to help you succeed.