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13 Best nTask Alternatives You Need to Try in 2022

Jomo Merritt
Jomo Merritt
June 23, 2022

If you are new to the project management world, you may or may not have heard of nTask. The tool is popular among small businesses for its competitive pricing, ease of use, and communication capabilities. 

They are valued by over 250,000 companies in 150 countries and continue to make a splash on the market. But just because it is recognized worldwide doesn't mean that nTaski is a perfect match for everyone. 

This blog provides an overview of the best nTask alternative for 2022 that you need to know ASAP, including key features, and pricing information. Here is what we will cover:

Why would you consider a nTask alternative?

There are actually quite a few reasons. Let’s check them out:

1. The interface is not so intuitive: Customers have expressed struggles with the interface and its frequent updates, which force the user to learn new buttons and features that change locations, negatively impacting the overall user experience. One user shared in G2:

User review on G2 about nTask interface not being as intuitive

2. It is difficult to use the report feature and other tools: another popular downside according to user reviews is related to the reporting challenges, especially when it comes to integrations and lack of assistance. They feel like features such as the calendar and the reports feature are just hard to do anything with. Here is another user review addressing this issue in G2:

Screenshot image of user review in G2 addressing reporting and integration problems in nTask

3. Not much technical support: Users don't seem to be able to get the technical support they need to fix software issues with nTask, leading to frustrations and affecting overall workflow. Below is an example from another user review in G2 who struggled to get support:

Screenshot image of user review in G2 about their experience with nTask and the lack of techinal support

The top 13 nTask alternatives in the market

Let's review the pricing, pros, and cons of nTask's most popular alternatives.

1. Rodeo

Rodeo's dashboard view

You might find Rodeo just right for you if you're looking for powerful software with a user-friendly interface. 

Let’s face it. A platform that provides an excellent alternative solution to your problems, which allows you to manage all of your projects in one place, how can anyone be disappointed? But, guess what? This isn't all there is to Rodeo. 

Yes, it’s known for managing projects and tackling tasks, but it also makes it possible for users to better understand the financial status of their projects.

Contrary to nTask, Rodeo offers an extensive set of features to assist with the complete project lifecycle. In comparison to nTask, it offers some unique features:

Who says creating invoices needs to be a pain? 

  • With Rodeo's templates, you can create a fixed project budget or hourly invoice in no time. That helps you get paid faster, regardless of how you structure your work. 
  • Upload your own branding to create invoices matching your business identity with a few clicks. 
  • You can send your invoices as UBLs, PDFs, or simply in envelopes, old-fashioned style.

Tracking project time with Rodeo is a piece of cake: 

  • Rodeo's built-in time tracking feature ensures that timelines and budgets are tracked smoothly without having to worry about external applications.

Progress reports at your disposal: 

  • You can get easy-to-read productivity reports from Rodeo, which break down your data. 
  • A downloadable Excel file of this data can also be created for further analysis in Rodeo.

Check out Rode's software in a nutshell.

1. Your mind will be at ease with setting up your invoices at your fingertips. Wouldn't that be great?

There’s no time to waste. Maybe there’s an account you need to land and an invoice needs to be sent out ASAP. OMG! What do you do? Rodeo users don’t need to panic because the platform has it all laid out. From a project, you have the option to send an invoice right from the Budget tab. A few clicks later and you are ready to just hit send. 

And to take away unnecessary manual work, you can also set up recurring invoices for projects, for example, if you work on a retainer. How simple is that?

Gif showing how to set up recurring invoices in Rodeo

2. It's easy and convenient to track your time

There is no doubt that tracking time is essential to staying within budget, estimating future similar projects, and ultimately helping you to optimize profits. Rodeo's time tracking feature is a lifesaver and one of the favorite features among users due to how simple it is to use. 

Happy customer and brand director at Digital Agency JaxX, Axell Avalon-van Staveren, brags that Rodeo has helped their projects become 30% more profitable: "Once we started using the time tracker, we had an accurate overview of how much time team members really needed to complete their projects."   

Whenever you start on a task, you can hit the timer right from your dashboard and let it run until you are done–or pause and restart it later. Once the timer stops, you will be prompted to a screen where you can associate that time with a specific project and task. 

Gif showing how easy it is to use Rodeo's time tracking feature

But if you forget to start a timer, you also have the option to create a time card so you can backtrack to your tasks and projects.

3. You have access to project insights in no time. How?

Rodeo's reports feature gives you 360 views into your business. Because all features are interconnected, you are able to create the following reports.

  • Time registration: Wanting to know how much time has been spent on a task in a quick summary? The Time registration report is perfect to give you an overview of the duration of a project.
  • Closed Projects: This report will help you analyze all aspects of a project, including its financials and project margins. This is perfect to better predict and price future projects.
  • Employee productivity: Here you can see an overview of all employees’ tracked time, which helps you understand who is overscheduled so you can allocate tasks accordingly. 
  • Work in progress: As the title says, the work in progress report does just that. a comprehensive report on every upcoming, in-progress, and delivered task on projects that are still active.

Additional features

  • Estimates: Users can prepare and send client-ready estimates in just a few clicks with Rodeo.
  • Project Expenses and Purchase Orders: This feature is a great tool for tracking project expenses and purchase orders.
  • Integration of Quickbooks (US) with Xero (UK): Helps you manage your bookkeeping and billing.
  • Planner & task management: Assigning tasks and managing team capacity based on the project type, team size, and skills available.
  • Built-in messenger: The Rodeo messenger provides a means for teams to communicate while they're working together.

Who should use Rodeo?

In the creative industry, Rodeo serves the purpose of making life easier for managers and teams by having everything done in one place. It is a "Maverick" software that customers can use to plan their budgets, estimate their time, and organize their invoices.

Simply put, it is a project administration tool helping companies become more profitable by providing insights that guide them towards pricing projects right. A software tool that gives the users that creates a very smooth workflow.

According to Sophie van der Togt of Dorst & Lesser, Rodeo’s workflow was of great convenience: "The function that allows you to copy previous projects is super convenient for us. We have one-off projects here and there, but for most of our clients, we develop monthly campaigns. This means that we work through the same cycle with them every month."

Because you'll have access to just one platform, Rodeo will reduce the number of scattered integrations and tools to manage.


Rodeo’s pricing model is simple. You can start by signing up for a 14-day free trial to test it out and see how it works. During your trial, you will have access to all features and can either chat live with experts or schedule a demo for a customized walk-through of the platform.

Then Rodeo’s base price is $29.99 a month, which includes an admin seat with all features. To add additional team members is super easy and each additional license will be based on their access level: 

  • Full user license (project managers): $14.99 per user/month 
  • Standard user license (creatives): $8.99 per user/month (limited access)

You can also add on Planning and Task management for an additional $4.99 per user/month

2. Trello

Trello board view

Image by Trello

No one can deny the fact that Trello is a project management and productivity software packed with tools to help your team be productive. As a fully customizable platform, it allows you to adapt personnel operations, marketing, sales, and other activities to fit your work style and needs without any hassle. 

It offers board tools, list tools, and card tools to facilitate teamwork and project management. Is Trello better than nTask? Trello lets you create a personal robot, that reduces the number of clicks and boring tasks so everyone is more productive.

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Key Features

  • Lets you and your team exchange feedback
  • The dashboard provides information about the project's statistics
  • You can create custom fields to collect information about your project
  • Individuals and projects can share files and attachments.


With Trello, you'll get unlimited cards, up to 10 boards, and Power-Ups for free. Additionally, it has a Standard Plan that is billed at $6 per user/month. It includes custom fields, advanced checklists, and unlimited boards.

You can also upgrade to the Premium plan for $12.50 per user/month, which includes additional views, templates, and observers.

In addition to unlimited workspaces, Power-Up administration, and permissions, Trello Enterprise subscriptions start at $25.00per user/month.

3. Asana

List view in Asana

Image by Asana

How does Asana make the list?  Their tool is known in the industry for being an industry-leading, reputable project management program. Also, it has a bunch of features. RIP to poorly managed, disorganized teams, and hello to workflows that are much more structured for more productivity, something that they clearly offer.

When it comes to head-to-head competition with nTask, who has the upper hand? It depends. Due to its platform customization capabilities, Asana has strong alternative aspects, including reporting/analytics capabilities and a good spreadsheet view.

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  • Choose between a list, Kanban board, timeline, and calendar to manage your tasks
  • Reports provide a view of your progress
  • Custom rules reduce errors and automate common tasks
  • Templates for 50+ projects


Asana offers a range of pricing options. There is a Basic free plan, which offers very limited features. Their premium plan which is $13.99 per user/month comes with customizable templates, project milestones, and reporting. 

According to Asana, its Business plan includes cloud & server integrations, forms customization, and objectives for $30.49 per user/month. Upon request, Asana offers an Enterprise plan as well.

4. Airtable

Airtable projects overview

Image by Airtable

There's another task management tool to compete with nTask, Airtable. Besides being recognized internationally, it is also widely used by many organizations.

You can log all the information you need for your projects with Airtable's spreadsheet-based workflows which makes it unique to nTask. There are also template-based app development features available via Airtable. This feature comes in handy when creating personalized project management apps that fit your company’s needs.

Taking into consideration that Airtable has other functions that nTask doesn't, such as compliance tracking, contact management, and dashboard creation, nTask falls short.

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  • Creates a database for all your data
  • Offers performance metrics and pipeline management
  • With just one click, add 50+ pre-built apps
  • It lets you automate notifications, create tasks, integrate tools, and run custom code
  • Integrates with a variety of apps


If you're just getting started with Airtable, their free plan has unlimited bases and up to 5 creators or editors. With the Plus plan, you pay $10 per user/month billed annually which comes with 3 extensions per base and 3 sync integrations. In the Pro plan, you pay $20 per seat/month billed annually and it comes with Gantt & Timeline Views, and a 1-year revision & snapshot history. 

5. Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects timeline view

Image by Zoho Projects

In comparison to nTask, Zoho Projects is an alternative that is not far off in similarities. With Zoho Projects, you have access to a cloud-based project management app, that is capable of taking you from the beginning to the end of your project.

There's some buzz about the software when it comes to helping organizations work while managing time, money, client relations, resources, stakeholders, and more.

When it comes to other features, Zoho has nTask beat with its reporting and analytics capabilities. Zoho also comes with Blueprints to help you design and visualize your dream workflows, set up tasks, assign work, modify task statuses, and more using the lovely drag and drop function.


  • Easy task management with lists, subtasks, and comments
  • Using Gantt charts to manage dependencies
  • Your team's working hours can be tracked and reported through timesheets
  • Storage of project documents in the cloud


The Zoho Projects offers three different types of payment plans. Free forever is one of the plans available, which is limited to up to three users with only 2 project templates and limited storage. For teams with up to 50 users, the Premium plan costs $5 per user/month and it comes with unlimited projects and 100GB of storage space. 

If you require more than 50 user seats, then their Enterprise plan is the best fit for you at $10 per user/month, offering everything in the Premium plan +20GB storage space and no cap on the number of users. 

6. Hive

Hive projects view

Image by Hive

Thanks to its ability to improve productivity and efficiency, Hive made it onto the list. By using Hive, you will be able to meet your goals faster, while generating reports and updates.

Hive offers the world's first democratic platform for project management. This means that Hive decided to build their product by users, for users, on the basis of feedback that is collected on their forum.

But with a face of with nTask, where does it stand? In comparison to nTask, Hive can handle a lot more complex projects at once. You can use Hive to reduce your workload by cutting down on work by using templates, reviewing workflows, and proofing documents and videos.

nTask does not allow you to create scheduled reports, as Hive does.


  • Gantt chart, Kanban board, and calendar view work progress
  • By enabling focus mode, you can get rid of distractions.
  • Keeping track of your tasks and their due dates is easy
  • Visualizes the workload of your team


Hive Solo is free and ideal for personal use. It is catered to those who want to start managing projects and collaborating and you can have up to 2 users. Next comes Hive Teams, which is priced at $16 per user/month when billed monthly, offering time tracking in addition to what is in the free plan, support, and no cap on the number of users. 

Hive also offers an Enterprise plan for larger teams and corporates, but pricing for this plan is given upon request.  


Image of interface

Image by

Using is easy, whether you need to manage HR and recruiting processes, manage tasks, design projects, develop software, or take care of sales and CRM. You can build and manage ideal workflows, track, manage, and deliver your team's best work with this software. 

It is true that nTask has some interesting capabilities, but they fall short of the ability to deliver a spreadsheet view or to run reporting/analytics for projects, all of which is capable of doing. 

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  • Unlimited Boards
  • Templates with more than 200 options
  • More than 20 column types
  • Notifications that are customizable
  • Time Tracking

Pricing offers a free-forever (and very limited) plan for up to 2 users. This is followed by their Basic plan, which costs $10 per user/month. Their most popular plan is the Standard, which includes everything from the Basic plan plus automations and guest access for $12 per user/month. Upgrading to their Pro plan will cost you $20 per seat/month with additional features such as private boards and docs and time tracking. Their Enterprise plan pricing can be requested through their website.

8. MeisterTask

MeisterTask board mock up view

Image by MeisterTask

In the industry, MeisterTask is recognized for improving communication among teams to collaborate efficiently. Despite its many capabilities, the platform goes beyond being a task management and collaboration tool; it has functions such as tracking and project planning, workload management, time and progress tracking, and much more.

What makes MeisterTask stand out from nTask? As an agile user, you might not be satisfied with nTask, while MeisterTask, with its widespread support for agile methodologies, will most likely suit you.

MeisterTask has some other neat features over nTask, like email management, bug tracking, real-time reporting, and automatic backups.


  • Project Groups
  • Backgrounds that can be customized
  • Checklists of multiple types
  • Task Relationships capability
  • Keeping track of work in progress


A free Basic plan is available with just the core task management features for single users but is limited to 3 projects. The Pro includes offers unlimited projects and recurring tasks for  $8.25 per user/month. For extended collaboration and features such as roles and permissions and group sharing, then the Business plan is a better option at $20.75 per user/month. 

9. ClickUp

ClickUp project view

Image by ClickUp

When it comes to features and pricing, nTask comes close to matching ClickUp. It's no surprise that this all-in-one app can help you grasp your projects without any trouble since it's loaded with management solutions.

You can also use ClickUp's templates to get started with your project quickly and visualize your progress in multiple views according to your preferences.

However, ClickUp does have an edge over nTask when it comes to its reporting/analytics function and spreadsheet view capability. They also come with a plethora of templates to help you start off on the right foot.

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  • Your projects get 15 different views
  • In minutes, you can import data from apps
  • Workflows are enhanced with 100+ proprietary features
  • Each team can customize its own space
  • Advanced workflows and simple checklists


You can get the free forever plan if you are interested in personal use. Or, you can upgrade to the Unlimited plan, which is $5 per user/month and is best suited for small teams. Mid-size teams will benefit better from their Business plan which costs $19 per user/month. For large teams, or those managing multiple teams at once, their Business Plus plan is advised, which includes custom role creation/permissions and an admin training webinar for $29 per user/month. 

10. Jira

Jira's board view

Image by Jira

Some might argue that you could make your team's life easier if you use Jira for software development. Having built a tool that customizes an optimal workflow for your team, they have earned their spot in the industry. Their boasts also include pre-built out-of-the-box workflows you can choose from.

Compared to nTask, Jira has a little bit of an edge when it comes to being a better choice for software development teams. The biggest difference between Jira and nTask is that Jira allows you to streamline workflows, save time, and work smarter thanks to automation. 

One of these automations is auto-assign, which is not available in nTask. Indeed, nTask lets you automate workflows to a certain degree, yet, Jira performs more efficiently.


  • The Scrum board and Kanban board include agile views
  • Detailed reports such as velocity reports, burn-down charts, and burn-up charts may be generated.
  • The ability to customize project dashboards
  • Powerful search with an easy interface


Jira’s pricing is flexible, offering a free plan for up to 10 users, allowing you to plan and track your projects, but with only 2GB of storage. Growing teams that require audit logs, business hours support, and more storage, their Standard plan seems like a great alternative at $7.50 per user/month and a cap of  5000 users.

The Premium plan is ideal for companies looking for a place to manage and align multiple teams through a single app, requiring unlimited storage and 24/7 support, which costs $14.50 per user/month.

11. Zenkit Projects 

Zenkit'stable view

Image by Zenkit

Zenkit Projects is a simple project management tool with a mission to increase your team's productivity. To accomplish this, they have a very basic idea: Create simple tools for every area of your team's workday and make them interoperable. 

Zenkit Projects and nTask share some common functionalities, such as Gantt charts, calendars, and spreadsheets, but Zenkit Projects is slightly more basic and focused on simplicity. For example, it does not come with time tracking, so if such a feature is important to you, then you might want to look elsewhere. 


  • A task management system
  • Automation of workflows
  • Agile Methodology Support
  • Planning and scheduling
  • Financial reporting & project management


Zenkit Projects offer 3 different plans: Personal, which is free but limited to 3 projects, 2 folders, and up to 3 users. Then, for $9 per user/month you can choose the Plus plan, which gives you up to 80 projects, 30 folders, and up to 50 users. Next is their Business plan, which is $25 per user/month and allows up to 300 members, 500 folders, and 800 projects. Enterprise plans are also available and pricing is customized upon request.

12. Infinity

Infinity columns view

Image by Infinity

If flexibility in a  project management tool is a must, then Infinity may be right up your alley. Its users praise the tool for being able to customize and organize anything with the software. Using this system, teams are able to work in four different levels of organization according to their preferences.

As opposed to nTask, Infinity comes with a library of fully customizable, powerful, and easy-to-use templates. It gives users the option to create their own structure through workspaces, boards, items, and subfolders. You also get to customize how you wish to view your data. 

Additionally, Infinity offers six options including Tables, Columns, Forms, Lists, Gantts, and Calendars), and whom it can be shared with.


  • A task management system
  • Team Collaboration
  • Providing support for waterfall methodologies
  • Views in spreadsheets and tables
  • Capabilities for in-depth storage


Infinity’s pricing tiers and structure is very different than nTask’s. Their subscriptions are grouped by the number of users, which are Team (5 members), Startup (10 members), Business (25 members), Company (50 members), and Enterprise (50+ members). For each group, you have the option to choose between a Basic and a Pro subscription at a fixed lifetime cost per user. 

These subscriptions are relatively the same, the differences are mostly in the storage size. Under the Team category, the Basic plan is at $40 per user/lifetime while offering 10GB storage, while the Pro is $60 per user/lifetime including 20GB storage. 

Under the Startup group, storage doubles for both Basic (at $30 per user/lifetime) and Pro (at $40 per user/lifetime) plans. Business groups enjoy 50GB storage for the Basic plan at $20 per user/lifetime, or 100GB for the Pro at $28 per user/lifetime. The price for the plans under the Company group doesn’t change much, being the Basic priced at $20 per user/lifetime with 150GB storage, and $26 per user/lifetime with 300 GB storage. 

13. Teamwork

Teamwork projects view

Image by Teamwork

Teamwork is a project management tool catered to help creative teams.  The tool offers many features that improve collaboration, save time, and automate processes.

Compared to nTask, Teamwork offers a chat option for team collaboration and unlimited free client users that teams value as a way to share progress and project updates with clients. Additionally, Teamwork has a larger pool of integrations when compared to nTask, the downside though is that it relies on third-party providers for a full all-in-one experience. 

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  • Facilitates the implementation of agile methodologies
  • Applications and integrations
  • Keep track of your team's progress
  • Task prioritization
  • Optimize workflows


If you’re just getting started with a project management tool, then their free forever plan could help you get started. This plan allows up to 5 users but the features are quite limited.  Next, you have their Deliver plan, which is $12.50 per user/month and requires a minimum of 3 active users, and it doesn’t include financial budgets. 

The Grow plan costs $22.50 per user/month and is more popular as it offers nearly all features, although limiting project templates to 50. As it’s the case for many others, the Scale plan offers the most comprehensive set of features, but pricing must be requested. 


So there you have it! We've thrown you some of the top nTask alternatives in 2022 that you need to know ASAP! 

While nTask is a great tool, there are many other alternatives available that could be more suitable to your needs and expectations. Let our list of nTask alternatives help you find the right one for your team, and who knows—Rodeo might just be it.

Speaking of Rodeo! Take a look at it and see what you think! We offer a 14-day free trial so that you can test it out without any commitment.